Airport Shuttle Bus Service

Shuttle bus service to and from the airport

Find out when your shuttle bus to Chicago O'Hare Airport and Milwaukee Mitchell Airport departs. Shuttle Bus Services Indiana & Chicago Buyers who purchase on this website will have their ticket supplied to them in digital form, via a page that can be printed, a scannable display and/or an e-mail. Our aim is to deliver on schedule and reliable, yet at the same place offer a friendly and friendly service. It is recommended that you schedule your arrival at the bus stop approximately 15 min before the bus departs.

It is recommended that you depart at least (2) hour in advance of any local flight departures and (3) three hour in advance of any local flight departures. We reserve the right to depart from the proposed course in the case of accident, works, congestion, bad weather or if reasonably appropriate due to factors beyond our reasonable control.

We are proud to offer our services in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). Passengers who require an ADA-compliant coach are requested to notify us at least 48 hrs in advance of travel. Getting on and sitting on board Coach USA Airport Express cars is regardless of breed, colour, creed od nationality.

We do not store or collect any personally identifiable information or detail of any kind through the use of cookie technology. If you don't have a cookie, Coach USA Airport Express. would "forget" the item in your shopping cart every times you go to a different page. Email Use: You also consent to the use of your email addresses for the delivery of your e-tickets, communications and prospective e-mail promotional materials.

If for any reasons, due to our technological difficulties, an unfamiliar web service or your e-mail service or equipment, you do not obtain an e-mail, your e-tickets included, you further acknowledge and warrant that you will indemnify us against any losses resulting from failure to deliver. Should you not have received your e-ticket e-mail within 5 min of your order completion, please call our support department.

Some of your personally identifiable information (e.g. your e-mail address) is collected and stored by us and used to deliver the service you request, e.g. to verify your booking or answer a query. We may share your personally identifiable information with companies directly concerned with updating and/or maintaining this website, such as our website designer and engineering consultant.

These companies will use this information only to fulfill their tasks and/or to deliver the service you have asked for and for no other use. Our policies do not include providing other companies or organisations with your data or information made available to us through this website unless otherwise permitted by applicable laws.

If you need more information about the information we have about you, or if you would like us to remove your personally identifiable information from our records at any point, please do not hesitate to do so. Where the cardholder for reservation is not yourself, it is your sole and exclusive responsibility for ensuring that you have obtained the cardholder's permission before providing any such information and that such information is accurate at the point of entry.

Using the latest safe payments technology, we help safeguard your personal information by tokenising your unique debit number, which is never saved or registered with us.

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