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Look what it feels like to work at BizJet. Pilots Jobs | Pilots Employment All of our pilots come from our strong relationship with the Corporate / Part 91, Charter, Airline, Fractional & Aviation Management departments, who provide us with the information we need to conduct a pilots recruitment and the best available rewards and services. When you need help finding a position on the Pilots Exchange, looking up information about a business or position, or looking for careers advice, we are available Monday through Friday from 9-5 (EST) by telephone and e-mail.

Our Flight Department Directory and our highly sought after Contract Pilot Listings and Full-Time Pilot Listings provide many opportunities for members to make contact. Think about one of our member retention opportunities to build your aerospace careers in the near and long run.

Work at BIZJET INTERNATIONAL: Staff evaluations

BizJet has an outstanding working atmosphere. From top to bottom, the business is very learning-based and expands rapidly. Top managers enjoy seeing your face and even attend low level discussions from occasion to occasion to keep up with everyday events without being arrogant.

Obviously, the leadership did not know how to run a complete business. It' s great to work for a small firm where I could always speak to the Chief Executive Officer and he knew my name. It'?s a beautiful place you can work. Finding very good place to work with a free, welcoming work atmosphere and professionals.

A lot of work and devotion flowed into my years there. Complimentary lunches and some folks became more like families than like boyfriends. A group of professionals who lack current expertise in aeronautics and space. An engineer who is able to work as a freelancer and do things their own way, not a manager who opposes and corrects them.

During 5 years of working I have learned a great deal about working inside airplanes and studying outside the plane, including maintenance, inspection, certificates of work. Great companionship, but possibly trying to expand too quickly. Every year around the holiday season, bosses are dismissed.

They are now shutting the door to begin restructuring the firm, which means major redundancies. This was a good place, but there was a considerable amount of bribery and technical problems that got the firm out of the business. Follow the head cleaner and record every stage of the cleanup procedure, asking him what he found out on the way.

As soon as the trial is in order and cross-referenced, start writing a paperback. All changes to the procedure made by the Chief Technician and/or the Handbook shall be reviewed and clarified with the Chief Clean Room Operator until the Operator is both familiar with and familiar with the changes.

So I got to know turbine and compressor and the whole kerosene conversion engine. While I don't like to tell them how to do their work, I have been able to help them increase the security and effectiveness of their work. All in all, they were happy with my work. Poor in cold weather.

Great guys to work with. A great working atmosphere and good corporate objectives that the Chief Executive Officer aspires to at the moment of hiring. A good general corporate policy and focusing. Too many redundancies, too little work and management without prior knowledge. When I saw over 9 dismissals of full-time workers saying they didn't have enough work, I turned around and hired a number of subcontractors.

They said they wouldn't employ anyone without A&P, but the superintendent recruited a face-to-face mate. Even this firm is playing favourites and if you are not on the shortlist then they will find every way to take you down. Putting inexperienced and knowledgeless individuals into management positions that win big minds and poor attitude, I spend more than 3 month in the summers to clean the hanger.

Then even though we've got three airplanes, I'm still cleanin' the hanger.

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