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Elite Air Taxi's latest tweets (@Elite_Air_Taxi). Your personal flight service. Air Taxi and Jet Charter Scottsdale - Homepage Don't spend your free moments queuing or traveling at the airfield to distant places that airline companies can't get to. Or you can go directly to the place you want to go, pick you up from the airplane by your own vehicle and be home in good shape for supper. If you are traveling directly from Scottsdale or any of the other Phoenix Valley aerodromes, you do not have to travel an hour before departure to the area.

Prevent the TSA, eliminate the ropes and the trouble of advertising spots flies!

BAM ! Programme de gestion des avions d'affaires (BAM)

You no longer have to be just a Elite working for Elite pilots, our Business Airport Management (BAM) program allows you to become a co-owner. You can now use your salaries to buy planes and Elite will give you 25% of your turnover every single flight!

Elite still pays your salaries and 25% sales even if you are flying your own plane. When Elite does not have the plane you want to buy, let us know and we can do a quest in the aviation industry for the right plane. Elite will lend you the cash for a one-time 4% charge if you don't have enough for your first plane buy.

Be more than a flyer, become an possessor!

The Scottsdale Air Charter and Personal Aircraft

They have decided to experience the comforts, conveniences and indulgences of personal air travel. In a few easy moves, you can connect to our global fleet of hundreds of thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon millions of jets and see multiple choices that can take you wherever you want, whenever you want, with the style and conveniences you want at a competitively priced rate.

You will quickly get quotations for several choices that might suit your needs, either in one direction or round trip, complete with empty legs. Our employees can help you choose the right plane that gives you the perfect blend of airspeed, cruising distance, capability and costs. Former air travel experts - former air travel and air travel caps with many years of air travel and air travel experience.

Furthermore, we use our expertise and our airline expertise to help you select the best aircraft charters for your personal travelling needs. Of course, you can extend your enjoyment with culinary cuisine, reserved floor transport, convcierge services and support for your particular needs or conveniences.

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