Homemade Air Freshener

Home-made air freshener

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Includes 6 simple homemade natural air fresheners (That Work!)

Lufterfrischer are a big deal and it is not difficult to understand why, but making them at home is much less expensive and much more healthy for you. It' s my favorite to make my own naturally fragrant enamel enamels, and they're pretty simple to make, but if you don't have a enamel cup yet, there are some alternative ways to make them right at home.

At that time, air refreshers had never been on my "toxic list" of things to be worried about because, frankly, I never thought they could be really harmful to my heath. Sadly, air refreshers, especially the type of spray, are laden with chemical and artificial scents that cause all kinds of problems to your body, including cancers.

Research by the National Resources Defense Council has been shocking to find that air refreshers do not go through proper security testing, which means they can be placed on the shelf and resold without understanding how they can compromise our heath. Most of the traditional air refreshers on the supermarkets, even those that claim to be "completely naturally or unscented", were found to contain high amounts of phosphates known to be particularly damaging to infants.

Even more worrying, however, was that this hazardous chemicals was not even included in the air freshener's contents. California states that five species of phtalates - one of which we have found in air freshener foods - are known to cause congenital abnormalities or reproduction damage. A further widespread chemicals in most air conditioners, lavatory cleansers and mothballs is 1,4-dichlorobenzene, which is found in the 96% of Americans' own circulating blood. 1,4-dichlorobenzene is a compound that is found in the body of the American population.

It works quite effectively by affecting the olfactory receivers in the nasal cavity and weakening the olfactory senses so that you can no longer detect unpleasant odours. Today's air refreshers don't work by simply scenting the air, but by applying combat chemicals to your olfactory senses!

Feebreze was one of the first "refreshers" to use this chemicals in its own line of food, and its popularity soon led to many brand names. Therefore, when you use an air freshener, you can only odour the fragrance for a few moments, then it disappears...but that's not because you've just got used to the fragrance, it's because your olfactory senses have been softened by the product's chemistry.

At home, I left my Febreze and began to make my own refreshing cloth sprays and my nostrils thank me. I knew with all the frightening hazardous chemical substances in traditional air refreshers that I had to find a more naturally occurring way to refresh my house. Home-made melted wax makes a good beginning, but there are other really good ways to give your home a beautiful scent.

Some of my favourite air freshener and bonuses are at the end! Fragrant wooden logs are really easy to make, and you can place them anywhere in the house where you want to refresh the air. In a small dish, put the blend of ethereal oil you have selected into the dish.

Place a few wooden logs in a polybag and spray the ethereal oil onto the logs. Agitate the pouch well to spread the oil evenly over the cubes. Put a few wooden logs in a small box, small receptacle or other receptacle of your choosing. Indulge in your air freshener!

Repeat the above procedure to freshen up the odour. Air Freshener Gels began with these cheap conical vessels that you would place in your bath room, and then launched as soon as great makes began to manufacture them for the home. Unfortunately, these commercially available jelly refreshers use a great deal of chemical to make them work, but we can make our own at home anytime!

As your gelatine boils, wash your glasses and put 30-40 drop of ethereal oil and grocery dye into the glasses to obtain the color you want. Please note: Normally colouring is not something I would normally advise because of the effects of colouring on our bodies, but since we do not eat it or apply it to our bodies, colouring is totally innocuous in this use.

As soon as your gelatine is finished, gradually water it into your glasses and blend well with the ethereal oil and colouring. Fortunately, they are a snap at home, and you can adjust the scent to anything you want. Put your ethereal oil, about 30-40 droplets, into your small vapour flask or glasdiffusor.

Or you can use dry plants and plants, but it won't be so strong. Combining dry blossoms with ethereal oil gives a truly ornamental look. Sodium bicarbonate has been used for years as a naturally deodorizing agent, usually in your refrigerator to deodorize odors, so it's not surprising that we can use our home wide powder as an air freshener!

Top your glass with sodium bicarbonate and mix in your ethereal oil or dry plants and flower if you wish. Do several glasses and place them around the house to refresh and deodorise the air in a natural way. Substitute the backing powder as soon as it begins to set or becomes lumpy. Home-made pots are really simple to manufacture, and because it is unbelievably adaptable, you can modify it at will or create custom season and Holiday products.

Various dehydrated trimmings like: Put the selected ingredient in a bucket and put in your ethereal oil, then shut the bucket so that the oil can macerate over night. Place your trimmings in a basin, mixer, bowl, cloth bag or glass and optionally include other ethereal oil. For refreshment just stir in other ethereal oil or dry spices and work well.

Perfumed cooking pans have been used for hundreds of years to create beautiful flavours in your home by cooking only selected raw materials. Various grocery items like: Slice your chosen fruits into medium-thick 1/4 " thick discs and put them in the pan. Adds extra aromatic plants and seasonings to your favorite flavor.

It can be stunning with so many ethereal oil out there to pick the right fragrance combination for your flavour, so I've put together some of my favourite fragrance choices to inspire you! I' m buying all my ethereal oil from Majestic Pure at Amazon. You have one of the widest selection of high grade oil I have found and their price for it is much lower than many other makes.

Notice: 1 part is how many droplets you select, so for example, if 1 part = 1 droplet, then 2 parts = 2 droplets of olive-oil. When 1 part = 4 droplets, 2 parts = 8 droplets, and so on.

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