4 Seater Plane for Sale

4-seater aircraft for sale

We have 1737 single engine piston aircraft for sale. I' m thinking about my next plane. Cessna 172s, with which you can go directly to your aircraft from home. Cessna 172s, with which you can go directly to your aircraft from home. I' m upgrading to a four-seater and unfortunately I have to sell.

Fly - My next plane

I' m thinkin' about my next plane. At the moment I own an Archer II, but to be frank, it really doesn't match my missions and I' m considering an upgrade at the end of next year. Ambassadorial profile: I' m basing myself on a 750-meter stretch of lawn. A 140 kn plus cruising rate is a prerequisite.

The majority of journeys are long distances, so you have to drive relatively quickly and not really like to stop on the way to get petrol... how to get there. I' m returning my oxygen tanks from the States next month, so I' ll be good to get high soon. Requires a full net load of at least 200 kg of petrol.

Sometimes four grown-ups (720 pounds or 326 kg for the four real inhabitants I have in mind) and some pockets (~40 kg); in this case want to be able to transport enough petrol for a 2.5-hour stage plus an extra 1 hr spare. Unless the four adult scenario is consistent with a 750-meter distance, you are looking forward to meeting travelers somewhere close, so don't let it restrict you.

Consistent cruise control and pull-in ok. Which levels match this airfoil?

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78 78 PA-18 180 H,P, Super Cub, TTAF 2510. Forty-five engine time since works overhaul 878. 68TSO, Airplanes are on Aerocet 2200 floating and have restored the 2000 pounds Brutto STC, 2010 in Stits, fuselage and all metallised metal ized parts, online ..... Sell RH Slant Tank Wing (1953 to 1955) in very good working order.

Brandnew vintage, new aileron, slightly less than 500 hrs on the motor thymo. In search of destroyed, twisted, old planes. Reconstruction of AVCON to a Lycoming O-360A1A. New Hartzell propellers. The ProFlite from Alaska will conduct our annually scheduled airplane dispatchers course from October 23, 2018. It is a 210-hour intensive course that qualifies you to work in the aviation sector as a certificated airplane dispatching agent.

Want to buy O-320 O-320 b2b, b2b for PA-18 Compound. Wouldn't mind a low 160 horsepower period, but with..... Density PK 2950 float. We have PK 2950 floating for sale. Extraordinarily narrow, neat with Cessna 180 - 185 sticks and piglets. Float in Wasil ..... Cessna 170 B 1955 for sale Continental O-300, 793.

EIGHT SMOH, 4373. Propeller, propeller and engine tuned to 90 inches 44 inclination propeller, 190 hrs since purchase. 60 gallon petrol (total) 4. Price: $12,000 ProFlite of Alaska Mike 907-750-0000 Airplanes that have been destroyed by birdshit. On sale Low Speed Edo 2130 float, which are upgraded for Cessna 172 Edo 2130 Suitable for installing on 172 I, K, L, M, N and PT model also Aviat Husky and Citabria, Perfect state, n .....

PT-Ponk 270 HP 0-470-50 HP 4944 4 TTAF 4944 Motor 571 SMOH Prop McCauley C-401 Black Mac 86 Inch Performance Prop, Factory Float Kit, Horton STOL, 4-Plc ICS, Garmin 250 GPS Com, Kr-86 ADF, KT76A Transponder, Extended Bag, New Selkirk Interior, Firewall Fitted Battery.... Right on schedule for winter in Alaska: National Airglas Straight Skis for Cessna 206.

1 974 thylorcraft F19 low turn turkey plane! Just 700 hrs overall cell and powerplant flying will continue as before. 1974 Cessna 172M Skyhawk II, 4344tt, Lycoming 150PS E2D - 656 SMO, Dual Nav/Com Radios, ADF, DME, 4-Place Interface, Micro Airo VCs, 850 Net, 700 Noses on Hard Truck Front Forks... 2009 Cubcrafters CC 11-100 XP Bundle.

2450 hours TT, Continental 0-200A motor 5 hours SMOH with Sensenich floor adjustment, XP-kit. 7-235 on 2500 EDO amphibian swimmers. LT 1980 h, Lycombing IO 540 motor with 10 h SMOH. Requisite 60 hours 1129 epidemiological institute Chapters 1129 has a Stoddard-Hamilton Glastar-Projekt for sale. Many listing possibilities, VFR lens, 730 hours on 150 Lycoming & Refabrication, 29" Alaska, large brake, etc.

View into the machine.... In search of a pointed spring with 1-1/8" diametre for a 180/185 mm long pipe Please call us or ..... I would like to buy a used machine tool column, used, in good condition. 8GCBC Scout 1998, 3500 TT, 150 SMOH last autumn, Hartzell pro TSPOH 900, Tanis motor heating, prolonged luggage, VG's, 70 gall petrol, Gasoline 250XL, Gasoline 496.....

I' ve got two, 1947, 108-1 Stinson airplane designs, one 100% piece, the other needs a few. I' ve got a 0-435 truck with a lubricating motor. U206 1965 for sale 8000TTT 400 hours on TBO 400 hours on TBO 2012 1900 plant reorgan. The new Mccauley Black Mac Requisite 100 hours after purchase. The plane is operated once a week, so the schedules are always different.

Pneumatic skid TT 2755, 0-320 A2B 113 SMOH. 0-320 A 2B, 35 hours SMOH, plane 3732 TT, float hardware, skies, flaps, tub tail, calibration.... 2,780 TAF, 845 SMOH on a 115 hp Lycoming O-235. Climbing support. There is a great Citabria flyer that is flew from .... pa-18 Super Cab parts-2 ea. Front and rear panels, locks, data sign, locks, several kits, 3'' gear 1 1/2''', dodging head tanks, 3200 star gear, bearing flap rudder, motor....

2440 floating floors with Maule suspension. Narrow float in perfect state. Lynx Airborne XT 912 Ultra-light XT 912 Airborne XT 912 Ultra-light 4-stroke with Streak Edge Wing 912 Rotax 4-stroke, 80 hp motor 93 lessons Genuine motor 93 lessons XCOM Airborne XCOM VBar transceiver radio; Lynx avionics helmet/headset (2) System undercarriage freight pouch Silva 100P....

Cessna 206 Current Far Part 135, 1964 Cessna 206 (Cargo Door), ACTT: 7250, Engine: 900 SMOH Alaskan Aircraft Engines IO520-F (300 HP) OH Date: 31.03.2016, Propeller: 150 SMOH McCauley Black Mac Propeller 3 Sheets OH Date: 5/2018 84", Govenor: 7GCBC 160, CS pro, EDO 2000's, 850's, Needs cloth work.

Cessna 180 470R 1351. Twenty-two hour SMOH, 4,486TAF. Upper end reconstructed in August 2018 annually. With interest can detailled pictures of props and.... 67 Cessna 150/150 G model. 3800TTT, 300SMOH, McCualy Seaplane Prop, Lyc O-320, 150PS Auto Fuel STC. August 2018 annually Complete soil remediation in 2016.

Bright paint, float sealed again, no corrosion, 14 gall fuel tank in aft luggage, STC, 4. 5 hrs.... Airplane Winter Camp 55AK Lawrence Airfield. Turf strips, preheated suspension, Sorry, NO maintenance, prepayment only for singles powered planes. 325 h TSMOH (and increasing). Use for less than 50hrs. 1977 Cessna 185FN.

a 7400 taf f 30 hrs on a 0520 factory reman, new cylinder, pro gov, new muffler, new waterplanes western mountain, new 86" black mac 3 blades. tt 4200 c90-8f, 0hrs since power section overhaul by Alaska aircraft cylinder, 29hrs thru power overhaul with new continuous OEM cylinder magnetos refurbished with PA-18 motor rear PA-18 gearbox 29" air streak tyres with Federal Straight Skis Float Skis tyres with PA-18 tyres .....

There is a very beautiful EDO 3430's with 185 suspensions for sale. 150/160 Texas taildragger. 150L This is a powerful and very economic planer. Upgrade to a 4-seater and unfortunately I have to resell. constant, even compresses in the mid-1970s.

Part or full timer. Cessna Skylane 1965 182H - several Alaska Mods O-470-R desired motor, 230 hp. Superb STOL Power and Pinion Tow Tractor TTAF 4458 hours, 1101 hours SMOH Motor, 708 hours POH 708 hours Annually completed 6-28-18 aircraft is included at Birchwood Airport sale.... The EDO 2130 swims in good form, Cessna 172K-L-M-N-O-P sticks for springs or pipe, float also fits a Citabria Located Lake Hood, Anchorage Seaplanes North.

Cessna 172 Macaulay Propeller ETM 80-44 for a Cessna 172 O-320 O-320 Laptop 150-160-180-180-180PS. MacCauley Prop, Spinner, Backing Plate & Logs. Support D3A32C90-N, Blades S-82NC-2, ..... One hour since restart, 0-235 1-6. One hour of SMOH. The experimental aircraft certificate awarded in 2009 corresponds to the light sports class. Fifty hour since the Aero Recip rebuild in 2002.

708TTT Rt engine since new. Left-rotor motor- 770TTT since new. 1,477 Piper J3 Cub on swimmers. Airplane Overall flight duration 3,651 hour Engine SMOH 28 hour ..... Four-digit Bearhawk experiment concluded in 2008 with 110 TTS operating times, Lycoming O-360 A1A, McCauley Constant Velocity Propeller, 67 TSOH, Sky-Tec Lt Wt. Fan-assisted cabin for small planes, Cub or low-decker, Can be on swimmers, $400.00 per month....

First class position, redesigned, perfect for most airplanes (wheels and amphibians). Continental O-200 400 h SMOH. Presently equipped for a Cessna 180 with 8. 50 x ..... A Mccauley GM 1A175/ GMA 80/40, Let me know if you have one for sale! All with over 30,000 flyinghours, working out of Lake Hood Strip and Anchorage International since 1967.

I sell my experiment grand 18 SQ2, BACKCOUNTRY SQ2 grand piano, vintage fuel tank per side, Cord lengthened 4" on all controllers, 10' front valves, expanded trailerons, wing lengthened as well, These wing really make a plane performance! Remains still mounted on a 1959 hangarred 172 cmessna, contains all motor components inclusive exhausts (68 hrs since the new silencer) 900 SMOH Last year all cylinders compositions....

N395HC, Helio Courier 395, 6300 TT NDH, Lycoming GO-480 TSMOH: 1450 hrs, propeller: The Private Pilot Ground School is instructed by an FAA-certified instructor with over 30,000 flying time. Topics are aerodynamics, flying systems, weight & balance, airspace, wake turbulence A ..... 1944 For sale Howard DGA 15P Projekt.

Full plane. Fully serviced motor workshop, reconditioning and repairs of cylinder, toggle lever, con rod, crank drive, etc. Inspection of props. Full motor reconditioning C65 according to IO..... Brandnew from Çessna (still in box) 170B/180/185 flap. The price for parts from Çessna has skyrocketed.... We' ve got five, 40-50 Tail/Wheel Assy's for sale, brandnew in boxes, which we bought for our navy, but brought into a different look.

1977 Cessna A185F Amphib. #2174 TAF, "6" TSMOH CO Factory converted TSMOH D-90B IO520 under guarantee, Hartzel 3 sheet 159. Reconstructed centre grey hide seat. I' ll sell my 1946 Cessna 120 as a game. Pop-18 160hp Supercub on Edo 2000's, very narrow. Lycoming cylinders, OH Mags, Carb, Hotrod exhausts, #2000 Brutto Gewichtserhöhung kits.

Airplane Winter Covered Stock $275. Overall payment for warehousing for the entire seven month period. Storing the aircrafts is at your own peril. Availabe for.... the sale of my 1946 bagpipe jet 3 has 85 HP Continental C85-12 with 1490 SMOH crank. The 2055 has life span braces, Scott tail wheel, Scott disc brake, Scott tail wheel, Scott spur on fuel filters, 12 gallons wingtank in top of the 12 gallons nasal fuel and aluminium spares.

Good maintenance level. Six hundred hours of SMOH. 600 hours 88" support. Reconditioned start adaptor and regulator. The skis are in perfect form and match Super Cub, Stinson 108 serie, Piper versions, Cessna versions and much more. 82ME, S/N 18264089, 1975 Cessna 182P Skylane Amphibien w/Aerocet 3400 floating, wings extended, Seaplane Western set of weights GW 3350 pounds, Seaplane Western motor bracket, mod. braces, TT = 4865,0 hours, motor IO-520D, 1141 SMOH, 47 hours, Hartzell 3 sheets, 47 hours, Hartzell 3 sheets,...

IO 320 160HRS SLASTAR io 320 160hrs slastar float/trike pilot kits, For sale for shortage of time/pilot licence, The wing folds back so you can attach it to and from the airstrip/swimming pool, There is a trip kits with support inclusive, A certificated aircraft technician has.... 1979 Taylorcraft F-19 100 HP 0-200.

Fully assembled wheels and tires, McCauley born... 1947 Aeronca Chief 11 AC on 1400 Edo swims with 90 continentals with 1025 hours overall on the converted motor and 65 hours since the upper overhaul. Seaplane motor holder for waterplanes, part #0751003-31, recently reconditioned.... H-295 on EDO 3430 floating.

08, SMOH 799. 98, Running time 284 SMOH EGT, CHT LANGREICHE BANKEN, RÜCKENSCHLEPP-SITZ, ERROR SETTING OF THE REGULATORY RECAR, HYD..... NEU Lamycoming broad decks Well-kept and burnished cylinder with 120 hours. 1961 Helio H395, U10B, 3430 EDO Floats, 700 SMOH & new prop, perfect finish, King Audio Panels, ADF, King TXDR, 4 digit voice unit, Narco Nav/Com Wireless, Shaden Gas Flows Meter, Simultaneous 6 Cyl EGT/CHT.

Driven by a 100 PS Rotax 912 ULS with a three-edged, floor-replaceable support. 4th place 3000lb net weight, O-540 trucks all works upgrade, 80 gall. Vipaire 6000 hovers from a Beav. 1961 Helio H395, U10B, 3430 EDO floating, 700 SMOH & new support, perfect finish, King Audio Panels, ADF, King TXDR, 4 digit voice unit, Narco Nav/Com Wireless, Shaden Gas Supply Meter, Simultaneous 6 Cyl EGT/CHT.

Complete 220 hp Frinklin 6A-350-c1 motor. From the Maule M4 after a support impact away. The motor densification test is good and the flanges are OK. Motor is resold as is and requires propeller service. Lately converted carburettor and Bendix mails. ...... EdO 2000 Flaats,igged for PA-18 Super Cub, Repbuilt to new by Peck Aero, New front bumper, In perfect condition, igged with on the left side of the pack, Make an order today, Flats are at KOLD in Old Town Maine USA, I will also send you a kit of Federal 1500 skis with the same....

1976- Cessna A185F N3367R 2090 TTAF 437 TSMOH - IO-520D 159 TSNEW - MT 3 Blade Propeller Due annually: May 2019 Compaction last yearly: Fifty-five pounds of floats - 1222. 1966 150 HP C150F Floatplane, Texas Taildragger, Sportsman STOL, EDO 88A Floats, Del Air 0320-E2D Lycoming Modification, Micro Aero VG's, Madras Vingtips, BAS Tailgate, B&M Aileron & Gate Gaskets, EAA LPG, Kenmore Air Hatch & Spinde, .....

The project has approx. 420 hrs time, full recordings, minutes, images, documents, etc.. MULPower 250iS motor and powerplant, Dynon Avionics, ADS-B, interior. It is the first (and so far only) EX3 in the whole wide range that has been build with the new CC363 injection motor with Hartzell Constant Velocity Propeller. Completely reconstructed by Marty Angellini.

Recently 135 HP 882 SMOH, Sensenich 54" 291, new air tight wings & fork, new plane booster droop hints, new Sky-Tek starters, new batteries, PA-18 dampers and fin springs, Cleveland 8:50 x 6 wheel.... U206 Cessna parts and wiping of 4000 pieces ofamphi. U206 Cessna parts and 4000 amphibian parts for sale, beautiful horizontally, beautiful vertically, beautiful vertically, beautiful fairly elevated, reparable water plane rudder.....

582 Rotax with 103 engines. Five of them. 73 i206f, 8508 ed. tt 500 SMOH 11/09,600soh support. Yearly March 2018 AFTT- 5585 Motor- 0-300 1565 SMOH Sportsman STOL 29" Alaska Bushwheels Alaska Baby Bushwheel Tailwheel Landis 2500 Skis Selkirk Extended Baggage BAS Schultergurte und Pull Handles Could use new paint und interior but safety,[ ?]....

for sale, 8507tt cell, 530 nmoh, reconditioned 11/09.650 mph 4/09 mph 300 nav/com, a200 mph, M45 marine radio, 295 Garman GPS, full 8:00 mS 7 bay GPS display, .... Aqua 2400s with Maule rigid. 0-times Willow Mountain aircraft cell from Airframes Alaska inclusive floating hardware and wooden frame. McCauley 1A175/GM8243 O times 1A175/GM8243 compensated rehearsal by Dominion Propeller.

O times O-320 Broaddeckhafen and ..... Eight hour TSOH departure 665. Twenty minutes to OH. Full kit for sale of Edo 2425 swimmers with twin rudder and large stowage room.... There is room for 3 singles powered planes in my 65 degree hot shed. Cessna 185 1971 with float kit.

Airframe time: 6797 hrs Overall motor time: 1105 hrs SMOH on 300 hp IO-520D ( 1700 TBO ) 1996 Propeller time: 1105 SPOH on C58 86" two blades Payload: 1515 Lbs A .... This is a cute little timepiece. Just 1,457 timesotal! More than $18,000 was disbursed for the conversion of the A-75 38-hour ago.

PA-18, TT cell 7472, Lycoming 160hp trimmed 631 SMOH tailpipe, Borer prop, Many mods (all with STC), 29" wheel, 2500 even landings skier, 296 armin call bill 907..... Aircraft for sale Piper 32, Six passengers, Cherokee Six 300, Paper, PA 32-300, Permanent single-engine powerplant, Year 1968, News Year, Powerplant manufacturer Lycoming, Powerplant TI0-540 SER models, Yearly is good until the end of May, Total aircraft time is 3,029 aircraft cell hour,....

The Piper PA-12 on wheels was modified in 2007 by Crosswinds STOL with a new body, wing, steering surface and motor. Ninety-nine hours overall on airframe and motor. I just had 2 PW-985 AN-14B reconditioned by Tulsa Engines for my DHC-2 Alaskan beaver.

The BEAVER 3 BADE N BADE N BRAIN N DREAM O/H $23,750 Move to Lower 48 Beaver 3 Blades Hartzell HC3BR30-4 Propeller with recent refurbishment in Anchorage Alaska. 172 FLOATING PLANESEAPLANE $42,750 BEST OFFER EVER! 1968 Cessna 172L floatplane, works use for seaplanes. TT 2075, engine TT 2075. Running great, Land & Sea Plane Prop, already in Anchorage Alaska, waits to go angling.

3,000 tt, ndh, probably genuine motor, 400 msh. The new Cessna FAA / PMA Cessna FAA and PMA seats for C180/185. Provides appropriate legs, enlarged loading space and easy entry to use 5/6 seats or just take along 5/6 seats... 1967 Cheerokee, last flew in 2001, TTAF 2128, motor not supplied, no radios or instrumentation, rear for transportation off, all parts available, near the new 4-seater cabin, Metco points, converted motor mount/nose brace, overhauled hood, spinning assembly, professional...

In 1998 Aviat A 1 hull for sale complete with number plates, papers and other parts. Aeroplane was compromised on touchdown by 10 hrs TT. Repair ing the hull, rebuild the plane and fly for 360h. During this TT period, the former possessor.... 77 Piper PA-18 Super Cub 150-160, TTSN 1190, TSMOHE 430, Vortect Gen, Borer Prop, 29" Tundra tires, wheel covers, heavy duty chassis, battery under flaps....

More than 4000 business hour. I am looking for two Cessna 150 places for the installation in my 140. To sell: Alaska bush plain. 1960s Piper Tri Pacer PA 22/20 150 bhp Reduced prices Engine: 150 hp 150 hp 1 -320 O-320-A2B Large Deck Motor Specifications: Duration since general reconditioning = 308 hrs Duration since new condition = 2266.

Eight hour aircraft overhaul: 22.03.2005 Actual release... $11,500 FOR SALE 1976 FluiDyne C3200 FluiDyne hydraulische Radskier. Made of Cessna C485F No pumps, only ski. Call Ken (949) 929-1289 E.... 135 hp, 1600 hp 11 Pa, 1600 floating 18 Pa, upper decks, rear springs, engine has less power consumption. Year MFG CE-140: 1946 Airframe Total Time In Service (TTIS): 5938.

Eight Engine: C-85-12F Continental TSO 692 since overhaul. 1955-56 Short Wing Piper (PA 22-150 (180)) with long distance petrol refuelling; 180 hp motor; hanging wing spikes; 11 gallons additional refuelling capacity (rt & left); disk brake; enhanced refuelling valves; 8 gallons refuelling capacity under the back seats; full IFRS dashboard & trading....

TTSN,1192 SMOH,15STOH,15SPOH, Hartzel 3 sheets seaplane Top Prop, Turbotec Turbo, Gami Injectors Wet Injectors 100 Gal Tanks, Wet Injectors 100 Gal Tanks, Wet Injectors, 3500 lb. extensions brutto, Robertson & Sportsmnan STOL, VG, s, Auto Pilot, EI Ultimate Scanner, Aerocet 3500L Floats,280 SN, ..... "Airframe Sweety" Overall time: 2757; engine time since general overhaul: 182; propeller time since overhaul:

185E 7800 TT, Continental IO550D 449 SMOH, McCaulley 449 SMOH floatplane propeller, PK 3500 float, 8. 50's wheelset, long distance 82 gall petrol tank, longer luggage, detachable back seat, ICA 210 radios, Garmin 495 global positioning system, international Garmin 495 navigation system, Garmin... Fully serviced motor workshop. 0235-IO540 coming from Iycoming.

Inspection of props. C-90-12 600h SMOH, Lightweight Starters Suspension high 70's All cylinder Climbing support AK-2-42 FLAPS, Metal uprights, PA-18 seats, 36 gallons Wingtanks with Cub Crafters Headless....

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