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The best airline website

Website Design Airline - The Best Samples In addition to using an airport for their role, an airline needs a website and/or application to generate revenue and win prospective clients. What is the design issue for airline companies is that there has to be so much information on the arriving page - there has to be a input sheet for flights, promotions, etc. That means that the main thing we have to deal with during the presentations is nice wallpapers, and in this respect the designer doesn't let us down. Below is a sample of those sites that have been selected mainly for their statical or slideshow wallpapers. UK luxurious long-haul airline uses a full-screen slideshow with three pictures on its arriving page.

You are known for using it in your own logotype, which is reflected in your query as well. You also have at a single look online checking in options, managing your reservation and flight progress, making this site not only appealing but also very user-friendly. Full width slide show with four pictures on this website showing some of their promotions and a contest.

Beneath the slide show is a margin of some kind of clan design, with alternate hyperlinks to their promotions in squares overlapping the slide show pictures. On this page the airplane ticket request is relatively small and inconspicuous. It is unusual that this page does not welcome the visitor with a fly find sheet, but a shining light rot navigational menue should not be missing here.

There is a beautiful choice of 4 pictures rotating in the full width photo show. Any other page that does not have the Air Ticket Application page on the destination page, here in the dropdown menu or directly below the photo thumbnail. To the south-west, a statical wallpaper and pallax scrolls are used for the website layout.

They' re currently working on dressing up holidaymakers so that the picture is a man who has a good time on the lake. A four-picture slideshow is used by the airline as a heroes' area on the arriving page. Their characteristic red-yellow colour schemes are used throughout the website, and the airline ticket request forms on the slideshow pictures are relatively small.

The website is very different from any other airline - it's quite a touch of freshness! It' a Singapore low-cost airline, and they use a full-fledged yellow-black colour chart with a slideshow of five hand-drawn artwork with some kitschy hit lines, such as "Get a Leg Up" for reserving additional legroom seats and "Connecting to Friend in High Places" relating to their Wi-Fi on-board plan.

The airline uses a full width statical picture of one of its aircraft, with the Air Ticket Finder open when you enter the site. Click on the check-in and flyout menus with flyout templates and My Booking will take you to the appropriate page.

On this website two slideshows run simultaneously - the major one and a smaller one below, showing messages from the group. Three pictures are shown in the slideshow and the focus is on the new Boeing 787 aircraft.

Flugsuchmaske is very inconspicuous at the top of the page. The Kazakh airline's website has a full width slide show with pictures, with the focus mainly on the far right, since the airline seek mask occupies most of the right side of the display.

It is a very different approach from the one used by most airlines. The website has a very neat and clinically sound look, which is good for an airline site. Slideshow pictures are faded and mainly bluish whites, and the airplane mask takes up only a small part of the image on the right side of the monitor.

The website uses a slideshow in the Heroes section at the top of the page, with a top and side navigational menus. If you move the cursor over the top menue you will see the gigantic flysearchform almost everywhere. I' ve added this page to the Hainan Airlines page because the picture is so nice.

Arriving on their website for your site, the pictures are good, but not equivalent to this! It is the public release of the new Singapore Airlines website, where they use a fixed wallpaper of a Singaporian community setting, and the airline locator occupies much of the remaining space on the top right of the board.

Below you will find the airline's latest special deals and promotional activities. The airline uses a full width photo show with a relatively small air travel mask that covers very little of the pictures. The airline's website uses a very different concept than any other - a bent filmstrip-style photo show with six nice pictures.

None of the pictures is disturbed by the flying mask on the right, as it is located above the statical mark. In Oman Air we use a slideshow with five pictures, four photos and this illustrated picture, which thanks you for your return to the website. Every other image has the Air Ticket Finder located on the back of the monitor, but not this one.

In a nutshell, Delta designs its website - there are no animations, no slideshows and a top level navigator provides all the necessary link to help you find your way around your website. A large picture shows their most important instrument of marketing: the interior of their surfaces, so what more do you need?

Another discreet website of the airline. You are using an icon of your smile on your wand as a hero's area, and a small text box with a small map on the right side of the screen is easily recognizable. When you first scrolled down the page, the Flugsuchformular will appear at the top of the page.

Has a full width slideshow in the Heroes area - to move it around by hand, it has title and not just points, diamond, boxes, and more. Every picture has a violet color and has the primary focal point on the right side, so there is room for the airplane ticket request page on the right side of the picture.

Another, smaller slideshow directly under this heroes area shows the airline's latest promotional activities. Designer and developer have resolved the problems of creating text-heavy airline pages in different ways. All of these are among the best of the top 100 airline companies of 2014, and all show how a designer addresses various topics that play a role in an airline's website creation.

Most important things they had to say are: placing the ticket finder forms, displaying promotional actions, incorporating nice pictures and easy handling. Airlines' websites will probably have to solve all these problems on the Landing Page more than most others, and the designer have, as always, taken up the admirable challenges.

Did you come across websites of airlines that you think should have created this listing? On the other hand, have you come across poorly crafted airline pages that are hard to find?

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