Trip around the World Itinerary

Journey around the world Itinerary

I' ve structured all my trips to Europe to be in Edinburgh for the festival in August. Green Island marked the last stage of my trip around the world. Around the world itinerary. " One day we'll travel the world." It was time, so we used the day.

Best long-term itinerary in the world?

One of the most challenging things we've ever done was to keep our forthcoming RTW trip 2 1/2 years under wraps. We had many times when we just wanted to tell the world, but kept it a secret until then. As we have not yet been able to discuss our itinerary, we have had to put our energies elsewhere and the search for the best places in the world has been.

Following many long years of research on where we want to go and how it is possible to do so, we have compiled an impressive collection of goals to be visited over the next year and a half. We do not buy RTW tickets yet and do not book many sightseeing flights, so our itinerary can be changed at any uptime.

Let us include you in our plan: the RTW route to the end of all RTW routes! Ranging from the dining culture of Europe, the Himalayan mountain range, to an (almost complete) cross-country trip home from Antarctica, we have a rather stunning experience for the next year and a half in our minds.....

Go for your next trip today! Below you will find our approximate itinerary on the basis of our actual saving goals. There are some deadlines that we will explain below that have been helpful in creating this tour and must be adhered to, and everything after that is ready to change at any time and for any purpose.

Whilst we're big on going with the river and altering our routes as we please, we've got a few appointments fully taken for the first part of our adventures. While some are posted to keep our expenses in check, others are scheduled for weather-dependent activity and for visiting buddies!

We will do our best not to have to modify these deadlines because they are fixed and booking has been made: We have fully completed our first travel monthly as well as some hotels and trains for the second one. With a fully book out itinerary to Western Europe we exclude the need to remain longer and thus pay more in the most costly destinations for our itinerary.

The first two-month itinerary covers Paris, Bordeaux, Avignon and Nice in France; Geneva, Lauterbrunnen, Zermatt and Zurich in Switzerland; Mayrhofen, Austria; Venice, Cinque Terre, Florence and Rome in Italy. When things go well, we have to set our deadlines earlier than later. For the Oktoberfest we reserved an appartment in Munich at the end of September.

Residual deadlines are all preliminary targets to achieve before they are switched off by seasonality. They have not yet been posted and are open to changes according to whether we choose to slower elsewhere: Although we do not make a trip, we would like to make it to Patagonia at this point to prevent it from getting too chilly.

Even though we have some firm appointments on our trip, most of our goals are still open according to the atmosphere. However, while our itinerary could completely evolve over the course of 14-18 month, we have some highlight that we are thrilled to be able to add:

What, no Southeast Asia? As my first trip was Asian, with Japan to Singapore and everything in between, there is not much incentive to return to Southeast Asia on this trip. Although Angie has not visited all the places I have visited and I would like to show her all of them one of these days, we are definitely in the process of reaching new places for both of us on this itinerary.

As our schedules get us to reach some of the towns I've been to before (10 to be exact), they will be new to Angie. However, to repeat another whole area for the RTW tour means to postpone it, to reach new goals! Do you need your Southeast Asia fix? Can we suggest one of our other 600+ items on this page that you can find by location or land in our navigational area?

It was a great pleasure to write and we can reassure you that the next 600 will be entirely S.E. Asia-free. So, what's the rest of this trip? And when it comes down to it, we're still just scraping the surfaces of the world's stunning targets. On our itinerary we reach in the course of one and a half years a little more than 40 foreign country, hardly a record.

In the end, Angie and I will be guests in around 70 different nations on six different continents. Your visit to Angie will be a great success. When there is one thing that is deserving of being said, then it is this - Life the Dream will continue to exist for a very long period of your life after this journey is written in the annals of our past. At the moment we are talking about an astonishing long trip!

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