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Taxi Fan

Timisoara - Timisoara - Timisoara - Timisoara. In the same year, Martin Scorsese's dark drama Taxi Driver appeared. This is how you reach the Fan-Taxi in Timisoara by bus or cableway

To get up-to-date timetables, face-to-face inputs, and step-by-step instructions, click a itinerary. Which train stops are nearest to Fan Taxi? Fan Taxi's nearest stops are: Are you looking for a way to Fan Taxi in Timisoara, Romania? Get up to date timetables for all your Fan Taxi itineraries, available in full real-time with step-by-step instructions from Fan Taxi.

Select from a selection of stop locations near Fan Taxi: Select choices of buses or ropeways that you can take to get to the fan taxi. Here is a shortlist of some routes that run near your final destinations - Bus: Bus: Bus - 40; Seilbahn: Ropeway - 14. You want to schedule your way back from the fan taxi but don't know the road adress?

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Possessed Jodie Foster fan John Hinckley Jr. fires President Reagan.

It was on this date in 1981 that John Hinckley Jr. attempted to murder Ronald Reagan in a throng of spectators and guards - to include policemen and intelligence officials - outside a Hilton Inn in Washington, D.C. When asked about his motivation to shoot the presidential candidate, Hinckley showed that he wanted to attract the interest of actor Jodie Foster.

Having grown up in a wealthy Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado home, Hinckley relocated to Hollywood in 1976. In the same year, Martin Scorsese's black dramatic taxi driver appeared. The Hinckley saw the movie about 15 different movies and apparently strongly identifies with the leading role Travis Bickle (played by Robert De Niro).

Writer Paul Schrader drew the figure from Arthur Bremer, who killed the 1972 Alabama government chief and US president George Wallace. According to a 1982 lawsuit witness report, Hinckley either deliberately (accused) or unintentionally (defended) began mirroring Bickle. Hinckley pursued President Jimmy Carter during the 1980 Presidency drive and was apprehended when he was apprehended at Nashville International Airfield possessing guns.

Reading that Foster was studying at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, Hinckley travelled there several times as he searched all the time for a great move he could make that would attract their interest. Hinckley made his big move on March 30, 1981, firing six rounds in three seconds at Reagan amidst the crowds in front of the Washington Hilton.

A bullet hit Reagan under his right hand; it didn't blow on collision, letting the presidential guard be severely hurt, but still dead. The Hinckley also killed a policeman and an intelligence operative and seriously hurt Reagan's spokesman James Brady. Hinckley was reported to have asked officials after his detention whether the message would interfere with the Oscar awards planned for that evening.

By the end of his case - during which the defence showed Taxi Driver to support his case - Hinckley was found not to have been mad.

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