Airplane Rental Miami

Aircraft rental Miami

Endavour Flight Training, offers flight and ground instruction, repeat and pilot training as well as small aircraft rental. The course is the first step on the way to becoming a professional pilot. End of flight education It'?s a special flying academy. The highest quality levels in the business are maintained to ensure you receive outstanding and highly qualified flying education.

Endavour offers basic and continuing education learners exemplified flying and surface education with the groundbreaking new Cessna computer-based educational system. Exclusive to Endeavour flying at Opa-Locka Airport, Endeavour provides the student with state-of-the-art off-the-shelf gear and unprecedented security while they learn to use the new Cessna Skyhawk 172 SP airplane, the world's most beloved trainer.

At Endeavour and Endeavour we are committed to making your workout simple and comfortable. Endeavour's goal is to create a shared goal for the future of aviation, to enjoy the fun of aviation, and to bring the expertise and experiences of aviation to the next generation of people. It seemed that this approach was exactly what ATP and CFII/MEI driver Freddy Antolinez had in mind when he wanted to found a aviation college.

Thus the Endeavour Fantasy was created. Endavour offers flying and surface briefing, repeat and piloting courses and small aeroplane rental. Endavour Focus was established on August 31, 2004, when President and co-founder Freddy Antolinez saw the need for a top class flying education centre that would both meet the needs of domestic students and be a premier site for a flying education centre.

Based on our dedication to providing high level flying education and personalised services, Endeavour Facility Management has now extended its flying education syllabus to cover all FAA assessments from private to ATP, which are aimed at guiding aircraft operators into a logic sequence of airline piloting education and piloting expertise to suit their individual needs.

It is our aim to offer our pupils the best technique and teaching so that they become the best pilots in the whole wide area. Endavour Facility started operation in 2004 and has over 45,000 flying hour without incidents or injuries. Certified as a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified Part 141 and Part 61 flying schools, we also educate 172 planes in high reliability Cessna with the latest Garmin 1000 and Garmin 500 aviation electronics systems to make your flying experience safer, more enjoyable and more unforgiving.

As a partner of Florida Memorial University for more than two years, we have several college graduates who will pursue their careers as flying teachers to instruct their own schoolmates. Our company is simply not a flying academy, we are experts for the high need of pilots in the aviation world.

Cessna is the only comprehensive air travel education programme available - air and surface education is developed by education professionals to ensure the highest level of fun and learning together. Endeavour Skyhawk is the most famous airplane in the whole wide range of flying sport. Endavour and Endeavour are authorised by the INS to provide an I-20M-N which certifies an applicant's entitlement only after the Transport Security Administration (TSA) request for approval and provisional authorisations have been submitted and the necessary documents have been submitted.

Visas are granted for the anticipated duration of the student's course completion and may be reissued for any further education necessary to conclude the course. With the M-1-Studentenvisum, even those who wish to do an internship for a one-year term can work after their degree.

Endavour is FAA accredited for commercial and personal pilot licensing and instrument evaluation. Importantly, it is important to know that our flying academy is FAA certified at your option, not because it is necessary. Contrary to many carriers who decide to run their operations under the Federal Air Regulations (FAR) Part 61, we have decided to become an FAA-approved college, which demands FAR Part 141: an authorized FAA education curriculum for each course, instructional standards, Chief or Assistant Chief Inspector oversight and level testing, and periodic FAA inspection of educational equipment, airplanes, simulators as well as instructional equipment and instructional record.

In order to ensure the education provided and the FAA accreditation is maintained, our college must meet at least a first-time passport 80% for all FAA flight test students and a 90% passing rating for the Examining Authority. The FAA under FAR Part 141 provides Approved Pilot Schools with many important allowances for course times and course specifications.

The FAA, for example, provides a 60-hour cut in the overall essential timing requirement of Part 61 for the education of professional pilots in Part 141 school. For our FAA-approved floor school classes we only use the state-of-the-art Cessna multimedia system. It is an integral flying and surface lesson system with a curriculum, videos, exercise book, manoeuvre guide, curriculum, individual lessons and instructions with your trainer.

The basic education method allows each pupil to move forward at their own pace and makes it easier for the Part 141 pupils to keep the necessary accounts. Pricing is indicative and may rise if further instruction is required. Pricing is approximate and may rise if further instruction is required or to take account of variations in petrol costs.

Airman Colombia & Endeavour Flight Training Inc. It is our pleasure to present you our partner in Colombia: The AIRMAN COLOMBIA, Training Centre and Royal Flying Training. "Aeronautical training centers unified by a single purpose. characteristics" type ratings are also available. "Endeavour Flight Training Inc. would like to compliment the Los Halcones Medellin Aviation School on obtaining its Cessna Pilot Center for Colombia certificate.

Dear officials of the Columbian policemen, travelled to the Miami schools to conduct your training. Airman Colombia & Endeavour Flight Training Inc. It is our pleasure to present you our partner in Colombia: The AIRMAN COLOMBIA, Training Centre and Royal Flying Training. "Aeronautical training centers unified by a single purpose. characteristics" type ratings are also available.

"Endeavour Flight Training Inc. would like to compliment Los Halcones Medellin Flying School on having received its Cessna Pilot Center for Colombia certificate.

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