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California Aircraft Rental

Finish a brief ground survey of the hired aircraft. The California Airways offers qualified pilots aircraft rentals. Our airport is open to all traffic and our planes are available. Located at Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport in Santa Rosa, California.

It has always been our top priority to offer our customers high quality aircraft and instruction at a very competitive price!

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Aircraft rental includes a check-out with one of our trainers, signature of the rental agreement, evidence of rental or excess aircraft policy and completion of the check-out form. Many of these can be finalized before arrival for your check out flights. Locate and then look at the aircraft to find your favorite aircraft.

W&B and POH are shown on the page of the respective aircraft. Please check out our document website for the rental agreement, aircraft manuals, avionics manuals, checklists and other useful document. To protect the pilots, AeroDynamic demands that all single persons and tenants take out their own personal accident, damage and damage insurances for at least 20,000 dollars.

A lot of insurers provide a rental/foreign policies. Avemco, Aviation Marine and AOPA are recommended. LESSED: Leased airplanes in flight? The Avemco insurer has cover to cover you. The Avemco insurer has cover specifically tailored to cover you, your loved ones and your aircraft. When you have your own aircraft cover, or when you are in another person's cover, you are often covered by the "unowned" part of that cover.

You would like a minimal indemnity of at least 20,000 US dollars for each insurance contract. The planes are all rented on damp hills. Refunds will be made for petrol bought at a place other than the aircraft location up to the amount of petrol costs at the usual site. You must give at least 24 hrs prior written warning, or you may be billed for your overtime.

The block prices only apply to aircraft and instructors and cannot be used in combination with other offers. Any trainings and rental are governed by the rental contract. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hrs in advance or you may be billed for the rental period. Flying with us in the wonderful areas of San Francisco and Monterey Bay in California.

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Maybe you are an seasoned flyer who would like to acquire a new certification or assessment. Looking for a memorable, entertaining and instructive way to spend your next celebration or celebration? The Birthday Adventures offer festivities at Hayward Airport that allow attendees to enjoy a true flying adventures! The California Airways company provides aircraft rentals to highly skilled aircraft operators.

Prices per hour are inclusive of costs for petrol and petroleum from our Hayward Executive Airport bases. Please click below to find out more and see our beautiful aircraft family. CAA is proud to be a member of the OpenAirplane family. OpenAirplane Universal Pilots Checkout allows FTOs throughout the nation to check the qualification and education of a pilots in any make and type of aircraft with ease.

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