Private Hire Vehicle Licence Check

Rental of private motor vehicle license exams

Licenses for private rental cars (Minicab) Rental private cars (mini cabins) must be licenced. Privately rented cars are cars that cannot be picked up from the road and trips must be reserved in advance. Prior to obtaining a driving licence, a vehicle must be examined and examined to make sure that it is physically sound, secure and at ease. The Minicab operator must have a Public Carriage Office (PCO) license to operate a minicab booking system (to receive or load private car rental bookings).

Violating the requirement to operate a mini cab without a private rental license or a limited license from the PCO is a violation. Driver's license is necessary before a private individual can rent a vehicle. Driver's licenses are granted on condition that evidence of entitlement is provided (age, driver's license, police record, health evaluation, etc.).

Rental car license for private use

Private rental cars must be prebooked with an authorised private landlord and may not be on a single tier or location. The vehicle must also bear: on the front and back of the vehicle, signs in amber, indicating the name of the vehicle's owner and the registration number, which must be displayed at all Times by a Cheshire East registered vehicle chauffeur, whether or not the vehicle is functioning.

Remember that vehicle registration is granted for the vehicle and cannot be moved from one vehicle to another. Actual notice of insurance/cover in the name of the person who is showing the private use of the property. Where your card relates to a list of cars covered by the scheme, you must enclose it with your request.

Extensions only - If your annuity expires after you submit your claim and before your TÜV date, you must present your new card before we can grant a license. Initial registration only - If your vehicle has been altered or fitted to a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, you must enclose a copy of the VCA M1 Registration Document, Voluntary IVA Document or Conformity Document with your request.

From 8 January 2018, you must personally file your filled in request form and the necessary documents with one of our customer service centres by arrangement. Checks must be paid to the Cheshire East Council. To make an appointment please call Cheshire East Customer Service on 0300 123 5015. From 18 September 2017, a new Check and Send service will be available for shared driver and vehicle use.

Applicants who do not receive the services must be cognizant that this may lead to a delayed handling of their applications if the information provided is not accurate. Use of the Check-and-Send Services may be quicker than submission of an App, but use of the Check-and-Send Services does not warrant that you will be licensed.

Wherever you choose to submit your request, you must have your vehicle either Macclesfield or Middlewich test, the test involves a TÜV-approval. Your vehicle will be retested by the test center according to a series of guidelines for private vehicle tests (PDF, 134KB) established by the licensees.

When you have a recent Cheshire East Borough Council Private Rental or Hackney Coach License, your vehicle may be exempted from TÜV certification. The same applies to all cars approved and inspected either by the Macclesfield MAOT Test Station or by Pochin's Yard, Middlewich. In order to be able to tax your vehicle at Swiss Post without a TÜV certification, you must fill out a V112 declaration of release TÜV test declaration.

You cannot levy taxes on your vehicle on-line. Your vehicle registration document must be carried in the vehicle to which it refers as evidence of the TÜV test. In order to request the waiver for your private rental vehicle, you must use the same private rental vehicle waiver request forms, but you may need to check to say that you are requesting the waiver, you will need to create a legal case, which must be filed along with the request forms.

Cars used exclusively for marriages and burials will be exempted from the licence. Every keeper or manager of a vehicle who has doubts as to whether it is necessary to licence the vehicle should consult with the approval department and, where appropriate, obtain the services of an authorised representative. When you have delivered a vehicle to a new owners, please inform us using the vehicle registration sheet (MS Word, 68KB). The new car holder must fill in an enquiry sheet for a private rental vehicle, a current evidence of cover and the V5 or a sales receipt for the vehicle and the 40.00 charge.

In order to deliver a driving licence, you must fill in the transfer form (MS Word, 68KB) and send it back with your driving licence, signs and labels. Registration of license plate numbers is free of cost.

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