How much does a Cab Cost

What does a taxi cost?

If I travel home, I take the taxi from the airport to Oeiras (on the outskirts of the city and also an additional taxable trip as it is outside the municipality of Lisbon). what does a cab cost in Istanbul - Istanbul Forum Masoud, taxis don't cost that much. Example Atatürk International Airports to Taksim about 50-55 TL, Taksim to Tultanahmet about 15-17 TL, etc. Puzzles..

... Dear Mr Enzigma, this information was useful as my guesthouse just offered me 25 Euro for an aerodrome shuttle of about 54tl.

For Otogar Head, Amy, just take the subway from the Otogar International Airports and get off at Otogar Railway Station. If you have baggage and do not want to take the subway, you can take a cab from the airports to your accommodation in Sultanahmet. The price should be between 30 and 40TL, which is less than your 25 Euro offer.

If you choose a cab, make sure that you have the name and adress of your accommodation noted and you can give it to the cabbie. When your hotel's website has a route description, I would also be able to get it printed. Every support you can give your cabbie will probably help you saving your precious resources.

It would be advisable to opt for the measured cost if you take a cab instead of fixing a rate if you are not sure what a reasonable is. Last I was with my familiy in Istanbul last weekend and we took 2 cabs from the Eminonu Pier to our nearby Sultanahmet Squaretel.

When we drove off I made sure the counter was on and the trip cost us 10TL. For the other cab with the rest of my folks in it decided to settle a prize with the chauffeur beforehand - they thought he said 15TL, but when they got to their goal, the chauffeur said 50TL.

Although my member of the NPH familiy had shown the fastest way to the chauffeur on a card, our cabs took two totally different directions - he ignored their solicitation. Use caution with the cabmen, I'm sure they're not all like that, but don't suppose they won't try to take you out.

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