How much does a Private Flight Cost

What does a private flight cost?

Do these lower prices explain why more Americans charter planes? In order to know about the prices and details of the charter, go through Private Jet Costs in India. In order to know about the prices and details of the charter, go through Private Jet Costs in India. The ElJet does not compromise on luxury for price and offers the most luxurious private jet charter experience at the most competitive price. However, more and more people are turning away from commercial flights and opting for chartered private flights.

Quebec, Canada & USA private flights

Which is a private flight? Private flight is a flight on which you hire the airplane for your own use. What does a private flight cost? Each flight is priced according to the point of origin, the point of arrival and the various taxes we have to pay: flight crews, petrol, landing taxes, loading bay taxes, navigational taxes, etc.

If we make you an offer for your flight, these fees are always included in the overall fare. Are private flights less expensive than scheduled flights? On a private flight, the whole plane is at your service. The number of passangers therefore has no influence on the costs. A private flight is often more economic than a scheduled flight for as few as four people.

Because you set the flight plan, you can go home in the evenings to reduce your accommodation and catering costs. Is a private flight only a one-way itinerary? Please be aware that the cost of a single flight is about the same as the cost of a round flight, as the plane must always go back to work.

However, you do not have to pay the team housing fee at the final location. There are planes and we are always prepared to take off from Saint-Hubert, Montreal (Dorval), Quebec (Jean-Lesage) and Rimouski. Private flights are available throughout Canada and the United States. Flight plan and route controls are in your hands.

You' re gonna go and come back as soon as you decide. So you can adapt the flight plan to your activity, not vice versa! Is it possible to modify the date of my returns? You have the plane at your service. Therefore you can modify the flight back period if necessary.

For how long in advanced booking should I make my flight? If I have to canceled my private flight, what happens? Should you need to change your flight, please notify us as soon as possible by phone at 1 855 247-6661. How does custom for a flight to the USA work? Prior to a flight to the USA, we ship the passenger name and flight plan to US custom.

All our travelers pass through custom at their destinations. When your target country does not have a custom house, we stop closest: How many people can you take with you? Up to 120 seats for 120 persons and flight crews. What luggage can each traveller have?

on each flight. However, this limitation does not cover travel on board the Falcon 50EX private jets. Our aircrafts are all piloted by an expert and certificated driver and co-pilot. Each of our flyers is selected according to very stringent criteria: comprehensive education, flight flying expertise, proven ability and the wish to be the best in the business.

Our drivers, like all our employees, provide each of our guests with a polite and thoughtful level of attention. So you can easily go to bed, work or speak to other people. The Dash-8 100, Falcon 50EX and Boeing 737-200 planes are fitted with an on-board toilet. We recommend that you use the toilets at our terminal before or after your flight for other type of planes.

On all our departures a high-end caterer and a staff restaurant are available on demand. Our staff can offer you a wide range of dishes, appetizers, drinks as well as soft treats at the right times.

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