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Booking a helicopter ride

Post under your own conditions. The tour plan fills up quickly, so it's a good idea to book well in advance. Booking now | Helicopter flight service Because of the high level of traffic demands and restricted availabilities, we ask that you make a booking application below with some choices for your preferred travel times. Will do our best to provide you with a scheduled departure date. After sending, we will confirm your booking within 24hrs.

If you have not confirmed your ticket within 24 hrs, please call us at 212-355-0801.

Ultimate Helicopter Photo Experience

Many thanks to all our clients for their 5-star ratings and we look forward to making a 5-star helicopter flight possible for all our new leaflets. We have always made security a top concern, and we are honoured to be recognised by the Eastern Region Helicopter Council (ERHC) for our tireless dedication to ground and air security.

Our prestige Safety Award 2017 is a proud achievement that means our customers can be confident that they will be enjoying the best and most secure possible event.

Would it be best to pre-book helicopter trips in Great Britain? - Helicopter services

Would it be best to pre-book helicopter trips in Great Britain? If you book your plane in advance, you will be taken to the helipad upon your landing and there are places inside while you await your plane.

Since we have not booked in advanced, we decide to verify the forecast on the first morning! We did not have to stand in line. PeroniChi... yes, it is very advisable to pre-book. Other than that, you just sitting there waiting to adapt, and when you're with your friend, you might not be able to get all of them together. You book at home on-line and printing the data, etc., to take them with you, we did that and it worked... no problem at all.

You want to do it, book it and they'll handle you like a king. I' ve reserved my plane at the airport & there are places in the queue area. They were very supportive and book it for me. Go on the plane, since it is very good, enjoying your self.

I' d say yes because you can choose when your plane leaves and you don't have to queue. hello there, i got mine on the new york phones an hour before. However, you must book a timeframe in advance. Guess it's a good idea to pre-book the helicopter trips for assured times and places, but there are still a number of guys standing at the gates awaiting further instruction when you come to the helipad base unit, so you'd better make your own enquiry to the corporate team.

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