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The Liberty Helicopters is the largest and most experienced helicopter survey and charter service in New York City with a fleet of Airbus helicopters. Helicopters, New York, New York, New York: Experience New York City from the air on Liberty Helicopter's Big Apple Tour. New York Helicopter Tours Any journey with Liberty is an memorable one. Our choppers are situated at Downtown Manhattan Heliport, 6 East River Piers, NY 10004 and are easily accessible and easily found by New York City patrons and first-time users. No matter whether you're looking for a helicopter flight through New York or want to pull the knots over the Big Apple, we have the expertise you're looking for.

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There was a regular plane at 14:00, we were said to be there at 13:30. It was a bit early, but the unfriendly personnel made us queue outside in the blazing suntan. Then we were asked to be seated and waited for our number to be dialed.

It was a pleasant ride, but we'll never use Liberty again. Liberty Helicopters provides you with a level of services that exceeds expectations. On the last 27th of February I went on a helicopter trip, but due to circumstance we had to start from another helicopter harbour in New Jersey. There was a lot of travel that night and my spouse and my little girl waited a long while.

It took me a long while, too. Meanwhile, Michael told me that he was in agreement with me, so he volunteered to come back to me by way of reward, either Thursdays or Fridays, and that he would make sure I got the ticket I earned. Because my husband and my daugther waited so long, she could take the same plane with me.

I' m coming back to New York, I'd be flying Liberty Hellicopters for sure. If Liberty helicopter would advise everyone, you will have a fantastic flying experience. Just saw you plunge your charter into the East River, claiming two human life. I had to have a helicopter ride around New York when we came back this year with the whole team.

Simply make your booking on-line in anticipation and at the desired date. Excellent and useful groundbreaking personnel and aviator. It was a great plane with a lot of information. First our Saturday plane was canceled because the presidency was in town (ok, fairly enough). Our plane was switched to Monday 11:4...5 o'clock (that was our last trip to New York).

Well, we got there 30 minutes earlier and were asked to get in line outside. One of the employees in the waiting line came to us and said that the planes were an hour late and asked if we wanted to hold or switch to another one.

As this was the last date, we declared that we could not modify the date, so we were asked to either hold off or get a reimbursement (which was not comfortable either). After I asked for the reimbursement, another helicopter firm next to me had free air travel. I' ve been informed that I have to contact the reservation agents and it could take up to 7 workdays.

Just didn't have an additional 700 bucks left on the last trading days, so we figured we'd just hold off. Our employees were informed of our choice and the queuing period may have increased to 1.5 - 2 hrs longer and we had to remain in the line to keep our window open.

Talking to the employee, I said that this was just not good enough and that we didn't want to spend our last few lessons queuing up. So I asked if it was even possible for us to come back so we didn't have to sit around and wait. What? Then she got another employee who said they didn't know how long we were going to delay, made us note down our detail and gave us a number to ring when we wanted to go away and come back.

One and a half ours we contact the number given and are told that the delay was still 2 ours, but to make our way back since those who had after us would be seen before the delay windows. Not only did we delay, but the pipe went up in front of the crowd who had been there.

So we came back and were put back in line outside. After 10 min I got the attentions of the personnel I had talked to before, who brought my group in...........and then waited another time. No excuses from the personnel and we were made to felt like livestock. While we waited, we realized that folks just woke up for personal trips and were put on the front line (obviously they made a great deal more money).

My brothers and my sons were put with the other group' s parent in the back of the helicopter and I with their daughters in front, which was quite unfortunate because I wanted the ride with my sons as the young girls wanted to be with their parent.

Because of all the other aviation communication, we could hardly listen to the pilots and if we could, it was the same old facts about New York that we had been hearing over and over again. Not flying over the town, just up the stream and around the statue of liberty, but not nearby, as the images suggest.

That helicopter flight was a heap of rubble.

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