How much is it to buy a Private Jet

What does it cost to buy a private jet?

Now is the time to buy a private jet? There are 5 good grounds for charters against the purchase of a private jet Without a doubt the possession of a private jet will bring its heights. The tour begins with lots of automobiles, then with boats and goes on to private jet tours. Aeroplanes must remain at the aerodrome, in a hanging room that must be serviced at all times. A simpler and better (trust us!

) option is Private Jet-Broker.

These are the 5 main reason why private jet charter can offer you better travelling options than jet ownership. Probably you would decide to buy a jet of small to medium dimensions and thus circumnavigate Europe, where you need a 3 hour journey to get to any place without refueling.

One would have to make at least one refuelling stop on the way and spent a great deal of your freetime ( and as we all know, spending your free hours is cash ). When you buy an airplane, doesn't that mean you'll never have to buy airfare again, which makes us wonder if a private jet is really such a good thing?

Instead, what you could do is use your own broker. You' have access to a thousand different flights available at all hours, adapting to your needs, your routes, your airport, your flight schedules and your budgets. Do you need more than one plane at a stretch? Is it even possible to buy enough private planes for all events?

On the other side Charterbrokers do not need a long-term engagement and are the ideal solutions for you in every case. They can help you reserve different planes only when you need them, and they are always ready to organize all your travel. In this way, you will successfully make it to your meetings and your children will depart in private for an exciting week-end.

No problem - your private consultant can create a timetable so you don't have to make a booking every year. You call the charter brokers and they will ask for a flying crews that will hurry to help you. They can even arrange a 60-minute trip in extremely pressing cases.

That'?s not so for owning a private jet! However, your flight crews may not be able to get to the airports at such shorter times, and the organisation of the flight may take some getting around. What's worse, your airplane is in service. Their private jet consultant will ensure that you book a proper airplane, a proper shuttle, select an interesting travel location and take good care of them from the start until the passenger arrives safe at the mansion or cottage.

Unnecessary to say, if your schedules abruptly changed, the agreements with your brokers would also be changed. What does it take to keep a flight? You will need 2 captains, 1 co-pilot and 1 flight attendant for such an airplane and will have to give them an annuity no matter how often you actually use the airplane.

However, this wage represents only about 30% of the overall overheads. Most importantly, there are expenses for servicing. Airplanes, and even more choppers, are very sensitive engines of high accuracy, which are periodically shut down for one way or another of servicing and no shortcuts are permitted! Then you would also have to buy airplane cover (you can expect it to be at least 50 x more costly than a car), and then the rest: crewing trainings, navigation and subscription service, engineering publication, communication, crew uniform, administration fee (to the operator who will administer and operate the aircraft) and other ancillary expenses.

What does it take to get my airplane? In addition to the fix charges, you must also consider the floating charges. This includes petrol, additional maintanance, food, overflight charges and other expenses. Depending on the number of flight hour, the more you spend, the more costly it becomes.

As the number of airborne working time increases, the share of overhead expenses in total cost of ownership will decline. Or in other words, to travel 700 hrs a year, you have to take your private jet every weekend from London to New York and back. If you own a private jet, is it possible to beat them?

With all these giant numbers, let's see what brokerage charters have to say. When you have your own private jet and travel 700 hrs a year, your journey from London to New York and back is 30% cheaper than the charters rate, taking into account both fix and floating cost.

In order to exceed the cost of the yacht charters, your plane must spend 17 hrs each month flying for at least 19 years! Thus, it is easily recognizable here that the use of brokerage is much more economic than the purchase of an airplane. We do not need any long-term engagement and are at your disposal anytime and anywhere.

Mobility is what it is all about and they will find you the plane nearest to your point of depart. Would you like to use two planes? Do you want to see different kinds of airplanes? At all points above the private charters fully it is better to own a jet!

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