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Contributions to Airjet Tours Mongolia. The Medjet is the world's leading medical aviation and travel security membership program for individuals, families, groups and corporations. "'New way into a magical world of travel." Pan Am Jet Clipper Brochure. Transonic air travel has just taken another big step towards rebirth.

First class air medical transport and travel protection

Every third trip ends with a contingency or health problem. Take cover with Medjet. It' known as Medjet affiliation. The Medjet is the world's leading programme for air travel medicine and travelers' travel insurance memberships. Every third trip ends with a health incident, and travel related insecurity has become a major problem.

Take Medjet and fight. Casualties, illnesses and security fears can occur anywhere. You can go home with Medjet. million more on domestic tours. From $30,000 to $150,000 in expenses that their medical coverage, travel coverage, and plate credit services may not have. Dual subscription options. Cause we' re going on outings. Everything you are paying is your subscription.

From $30,000 to over $150,000 in transportation cost, why should you take the chance? Unfortunately, terrorists, kidnappers, acts of God, crimes of violence and other security worries are a rising fact of life for today's traveller. A MedjetHorizon member's travel experience is more secure and less traveling. We' re not insurers. Fortunately, she had Medjet..... Being the first to introduce air transportation as a member programme, we are still the best.

First generation of jet airliners

Later this year Delta and United started to fly DC-8s. At that time 106 Comets and Soviet Tupolev Tu-104s had already been put into use. The 707 s and DC-8s were larger, quicker, had a longer reach and turned out to be more economical. "Continental is proud to announce the opening of its first Jet Company in 1959 with this colourful booklet describing all the benefits of the Golden Jet Company.

Pan American launched the jet age with the Boeing 707 in 1958. However, with additional refuelling capacity and more powerful turbofans, 707-300s could be flying non-stop across the Atlantic. The Boeing made 855707. And Douglas made 556 DC-8s. JT3 revolutionised air traffic when it went into operation on the Boeing 707 in 1958.

The JT3Ds were widely used, especially on Boeing 707-300 and Douglas DC-8 long-haul aircraft.

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