4 Seater Airplane for Sale

4-seater aircraft for sale

There are 1668 single engine piston aircraft for sale. UT Ogden, 4 days. Town, UT, four days. Sells a 180 hp Acrosport bi-aeroplane, a single-seater. This prize includes a 142-knot aircraft carrying 1300 pounds.

Undervalued aircraft 12

Cessna 182 is absolute the embodiment of a custom aircraft, because it does everything well, but at a sensible price of in-service. Later models (from 1980) are rarely like those of western springs and just as pricey. The very first of allererste quadratische Schwanz'Lanes are not cheap but they don't choose your checkbookither.

Blue Book costs 35,000 dollars for 1956 cars, that was the first year of manufacture. Flashed 15 years ago until 1971 and the prize is up to 57,000 dollars. This prize includes a 142-knot aircraft carrying 1300 lbs. You can also pay 37,000 dollars for a 1957 airplane and get a 141-knot plane carrying 1100lb.

Expend another $5,000 for a 1962 replica and contribute 1200 lbs, you've guess 141 lbs. How far did you get from 1957 to 1986? Approximately $100,000 per node velocity boost and $500 per lb payload. M-4''s all began as jetases with the small 145 hp Continental, but were then constructed with a wide range of motors, of which the 220 hp Franklin and 210 hp Continental are the most popular, with the 180 hp Franklin rarely seen.

The Maules is so interesting because you have a four-digit aircraft here that is relatively fashionable after it began producing in 1962, but the highest Blue Book cost for an M-4 is $33,000, with most in the mid $20,000 area. These small 145 PS strong aircraft do not exceed 20,000 dollars and were only produced in 1967.

Which is a disadvantage for much of the aircraft and reduces the value of the aircraft are the same elements that make the aircraft such a value for the U.S. dollar. Again, as with all cheap aircraft, the downside is the inability to find a good aircraft that someone is willing to buy.

The 18 Series twin beeches range across the entire book, both in terms of finish and pricing, but even at the top they are a huge blast for the dollar. Its low-end aircraft, usually ex-freighters and jumper jets, run $75-$100K according to motor time, while passenger-configured aircraft, which are quite chic, can go up to $150k for all but the supreme restore work.

You have here a plane that crosses at about 180 kn, has a payload of 3500-4,000 lbs, and has more grade than any plane should have. So why can you buy a good engine and good electronics cargo ship that' willing to be turned into your own Wingabago for only $80,000, which is hardly the cost of a cleaner, belated 182?

Even though the dollars for the dollars, the Twin Beech, will outdo most bars ons in many classes (especially considering the capacity to wear up to eight people), it is simply not a dressing gown or necktie type of plane. Awesome. The Bellanca Viking is certainly one of the most underrated heavy long-haul aircraft.

The Blue Book puts a 1972 300 hp Super Wiking at $47,000, while a V-tail Bonanza of the same year is $106,000 with the just curved 33 racing $110. So why so inexpensive for an airplane that travels 200 miles per hour and has the repute to be an airplane with good manners? Yes, some have left the plane, but do we want to compare these figures with those of Bonanza who experienced the same doom?

But does that really matters if the C-210 is their nearest competitor with almost twice the prize? Some people do, which is why the prize is so low. Of course, we have our own idea of some underrated aircraft. In order to deepen our thoughts, however, we have resolved to address the following questions to several used aircraft retailers known to us.

J. J. Johnson (Aerosport, St. Augustine, FL) and Barron Thomas (Barron Thomas Aircraft Sales, Scottsdale, AZ) were asked: "Name five aircraft you think are underrated. From 1958, the small Mi20A was constructed for three years and its Blue Book value is less than $20,000. Thats buying you a 150 knots-plus Cruiser carrying 1000 lbs (but only 35 gal of gas).

Because of the wooden wings the G20A is so inexpensive. You''ll have to go all the way to the 1971 M20F before you find a $50,000 prize, including the 200-horsepower aircraft.

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