How much it Cost to Rent a Private Jet

What does it cost to rent a private jet?

Find out how much your trip will cost if you rent a private jet. I' ve made an estimate for a one-way trip here: The private jet operators calculate rents on the basis of their hourly flight rates. What does it cost to rent a private jet? Rental costs for private jets depend on your flight criteria:

What is the cost of operating a private jet?

What's it gonna cost to put a private jet in your shed? Star performers such as Mark Zuckerberg, Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg and Donald Trump are all owned and operated in private aircraft. For many, private jet aircraft seem to be the culmination of luxuries when it comes to travelling, and many are fascinated by the concept of having such a great aircraft.

But a jet is different from other means of transport, e.g. you wouldn't want to disregard a checked engineer lamp in an airplane. Prices can also fluctuate widely according to the model of airplane bought, use and some other very flexible parameters. Ever thought about the cost of maintenance and operation of a private airplane?

We have drawn our rates in this paper from live ads on the Internet to show the true cost of the hangar, petrol, crew etc. Naturally, all market are different, so if you have previous experiences with private jet aircraft and their service cost that differ from what we found, please feel free to submit your comment and tell us!

However, at the moment we are talking about some of the processes and expenses associated with private jet airplanes so that you can determine whether the Cessna Citation Winter that you have in mind is right for you or not. In order to make the buying of a private jet worthwhile, the airplane should be used at least 100 hrs a year, otherwise it is much better to charter a jet if required.

Let's say you have bought a private jet in its entirety instead of buying a jet ticket or part of it. They have chosen to buy a used jet to make some savings and buy a used 2011 Cessna Citation with low flying hour for approximately $10,000,000,000 before tax. Therefore, the next natural move is to create a parking place at your nearest Shanghai International Airports.

A recent poll of a location involved in selling and renting aircraft spaces for a 100×150 aircraft near the airport shows that you are expecting approximately $3,000 per months to rent a cabin room large enough to accommodate your new Cessna and relatively near the airport.

But one of these things that both airplanes and cars have in common is that they need gasoline, and if you are planning to use the Citation Winter, it will consume 336 galons of gasoline (1272 liters) per hours of sailing and 430 galons of gasoline (1628 liters) per hours of starting and climbs. Of course, the cost of fuels depends on how much the aircraft is actually in the atmosphere.

Refuelling in this special airplane has a capacity of 1,926 gal (7,291 liters), so that refuelling with an empty tank will cost you about $11,000 dollars. Remember that the Cessna is one of the most economical mid-size corporate jet planes on the open air markets. Except when you can operate your own airplane, you need to employ a helicopter staff that consists of a driver, a co-pilot and maybe even a cabin hostess.

According to a short poll, you can afford to spend about $215,000 a year on a qualified flight attendant for your plane. If you could control your own plane, but it would take me weeks of education, and on avarage, a prospective pilots pays about 100,000 US dollars alone for a licence as aviator.

This cost is also dependent on the amount of time the airplane is used. Of course, if the airplane is in the sky for a longer period of time, the owners will have to bear more cost for servicing. It is important to remember that there are organizations whose mission is to administer the servicing of private jetliners.

Your schedules differ according to your airplane model and intensity of use. Fortunately, it's not all good news, because renting your jet can significantly reduce operating costs and keep the private aviation dreams going. This is a rental agreement where your airplane is rented out to other passengers for a charge when the charterer does not use it.

It can help to recover the overhead cost of ownership of a private jet, but if not done properly it can significantly depreciate the jet and ultimately cost the owners money. The possession of a private aeroplane can be the summit of the luxurious journey; the comfort and the "cool factor" are indisputable, and this comfort certainly has its cost.

There is a good point why we all do not take the private jet every single passing day, and that is because the cars themselves are not only highly costly, but also their servicing and repair and for most of us very unaffordable. However, if you have the necessary and meticulously planned resources, a private jet can be a high-performance instrument for doing your own thing.

When you have flying of a private jet, please let us know!

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