How much Taxi will I Pay

What taxi will I pay?

Do not pay distance and time fees at the same time, but one or the other. Tariff or taxi calculator app tells you how much extra is due. What does a cab driver make in the United States?

What you should pay if you take a taxi in Shanghai - Shanghai Forum.

Let me first clarify the cost of the taxi in Shanghai: Thirdly, the taxi voucher is very important. There should be a taxi number. Drivers number. The times you get in and out, mileage and fare. This can help you get back what you leave in the taxi and track it to your right if the taxi cab fare is additional or if the taxi rider circles the street.

I' ll be listing the fares for a particular trip here: Hint: Recently many travelers have been complaining about the taxi at the magnetic levitation train terminal Long Xang Rd. We do advise travelers who go to the taxi line to take the taxi, but at the same we find that these taxi cars are awaiting the line and constantly charging much higher prices to them.

1. as soon as you get in line, the personnel there will give you a piece of hard copy, please check it, as it lists the price for the taxi journey from this Metro to the main places in Shangai, incl. the People's Place ("City Center"), Metro etc. So what you could do: In front of the front seats (the one next to the driver) there is a small plank with the driver's picture and number, make a memo of the number (then you can pass it on to the reception, the hotels should help you call the cops, etc).

And I also hear that folks took the photograph of the chauffeur, then the help of the hotels to call the cops, and the chauffeur was fine and got his taxi driving licence. Further hints on how to prevent taxi fraud are welcome here!

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