Airbus Flying

The Airbus flight

The A380 Family There' s no other plane in the whole wide open air that is so good, and no other travel adventure comes near that. A380 is a contemporary iconic plane that has already performed over 500,000 missions with over 190 million people. A380 flying is a truly memorable adventure that brings you to new levels of on-board convenience, from First Division to Business.

It is the biggest and most roomy airliner in the whole wide open air, allowing you to relax on the broadest seating in a quiet and relaxed area. Given the unprecedented mobility of airline occupants, it is not surprising that the Airbus A380 should be the favourite option in all cabins. Truly a masterpiece of scientific and technological excellence, the double-decker Airbus 380 makes outstanding use of its room to provide accessible luxuries to travelers.

Featuring enough space for classy first-class suite interiors, eye-catching bars or offices, beautiful, inviting cab lights, and the softest cab in the skies, you'll be able to experience every facet of the ride, and thanks to our advanced cab ventilation system, you'll be able to reach your destinations inspiring and alert.

Airbus is proud to have developed an airplane that is known for its excellent performance in every respect, using a combination of state-of-the-art aeronautical engineering and inspiring cabins. It leads the field in terms of innovative, experienced and efficient solutions and is valued by airline travellers, airline crews and flight crews in equal measure.


Well, we think it's the best commercial plane you can ever use. This is not only our opinion: it is divided by million of extremely content travellers. You can look forward to your most unforgettable on-board adventure to date: Greater privacy and less cab noises than any other similar aircraft will keep you fresh and prepared to spend your time.

And the A380 is also the only aircraft in which air travelers can blend and blend in socially responsible areas. Get inspiration from over 50 A380 destination, make a 360° journey through the cockpit, make a booking and dream about your flights. Onboard you can interactively work with the aircraft thanks to the groundbreaking Enhanced Realty function of the application.

With the A380, you get the best possible flying sensation in an aircraft that is big in scale, big in enjoyment and big in suspense.

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