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There were no scheduled flights at that time; a flight took place when there were passengers or a cargo of cargo or mail. With our interactive flight schedules, it's easy to make intelligent decisions.

Change of Alaska Airlines flight schedule - Puerto Vallarta Forum

Initially the arrivals were scheduled for 14 o'clock. The schedule has now been amended twice by Alaska, with arrivals around 16:30. Not that I approved the last amendment. Could you bargain for an early plane without buying out the money? We're SO at the mercy of the airlines and they fucking know it, otherwise they wouldn't be dragging plane peeks or pushing a puppy up. But you might be able to bargain for better places if you stick to the plane. I'd choose the first case - it never hurt to ask.

Alaska out of Seattle all the times. I' ve never let her alter the flying times on me before. I have never had an arrivals as early as 14 o'clock, so I am amazed that this is available at all. Changes in flying times usually occur at the checkout. When booking near the departure point, you will probably not see it as often or not at all.

It seems that Alaska is shifting its arrivals time up. Always we take a very early plane (6:30 o'clock in October) and reach the PV around 16:30 o'clock. Extremely steady flying time, so we rarely see a modification after reservation. Suze and Dugfir: How far do you go on your Vallarta-Trips?

I' ve let Alaska fly with me a few time in the past. Many airlines have postponed and made changes as airport gates around the gates move, etc. For anyone who hasn't got air travel update in the past - do you have the Alaska Airlines application on your mobile?

For many years, the only carrier we have flew to PV is Delta. Because we like your schedule, get some discounts, earn mileage and have found your rates good if we make reservations in advance. What do you think? As bookings are made well in ahead of time, there is usually a schedule that is adjusted or not. We were always informed about date changes both when making a reservation via Expedia and now directly with the airlines, even if the changes were very small.

In the past, we were actually informed twice, first by Expedia, then again by the carrier. Just once I can remember a bigger shift; we were able to switch our flights to a much more costly one during an extra vagant vacation without extra surcharge. If I had checked the tickets well in ahead, they were the same class that I always paid anyway.

Therefore I do not see any benefit in making the reservation in advance. Please note that this is not an option. Besides, I just don't know for myself when I want to leave, what precautions I can take at work and on the home front until the clock approaches. As a rule, we make bookings one to three month in advanced. We almost always look at parcel rates via Expedia, Orbitz, etc.

Our aim is to get the best possible rate through them, which usually means booking as far as possible.

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