Bbj Cost per Hour

Cost per hour

Hourly variable cost of components. Now, that we are constantly on the move, we take a four-hour break that goes over and comes back six hours. What would it cost to own a BBJ 747-8?

First, the plane's acquisition cost is approximately $250 million. Although less than the 747-8i's listed fare, this number is still much higher than the 747-8i's current fare, mainly due to the adjustments made to this one. However, for journeys from 4000 nm (7,400 km) to 6,000 nm (11,100 km), {lets simply take a mileage of 4500 nm (8,334 km) to make it easier}, a BBJ 747-8 would cost in the region of $13,450.00 per flying hour inclusive of propellant, crews and upkeep.

Fortunately, the B747-8i is the quickest airliner in service or manufacturing, with a cruise velocity of Mach 0.86, which gives us a flying duration of about 9hrs. Being a little less, around $12,950.00 per flying hour, for 25 group. Nine times 13,450 = $121,050.00 for a nine-hour drive.

BBJ 747-8i can accommodate about 100 persons on number. When you pay as a group or per capita, it would be about $1,210.50 per capita for a 9-hour ride. However, if it is just you and like 15 other folks, your payment will be more like $7,284.36 per Person per Journey.

Vancouver would cost you in the $59,175.00 per trip area for a trans-continental ticket like New York -> Los Angeles or Toronto ? Alternatively, anywhere between $591.75 and $5,917.50 per passenger per plane, based on how many people you had with you.

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