How to Apply for Private Hire Licence

To apply for a private rental license

Request a private rental driver's license. Harlow Council Private Rental License Privately rented cars are prebooked through a licensed private landlord. In contrast to cabs, private rental chauffeurs cannot be called from the road and are not allowed by law to take a passenger from a cab stand. When you want to rent a private car, you need: Persons accepting your booking require an operating license.

In order to rent a private car in Harlow, you need to have your driver's license, private car rental license and driver's license from us. They can apply for a driver's license if you: In order to apply for a driver's license, you will need: a duly filled Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) request and a £44 charge - within 30 workingdays after the issue of the DBS certification, you will need to register for £13 per year at the DBS Update Service.

Unless you register for the Update Service, you must register for a DBS Service every three years at a price of 64. Once you have submitted an enquiry, we will verify your documentation to ensure that you are a'suitable and correct' one. Where you have been convicted of a crime or have a heavy driver's license, your request may be forwarded to the licensing subcommittee for a ruling.

As soon as these have been successfully concluded, we issue the driver's license. The validity of your driver's license is one or three years from the date we issued it. In order to request an extension of a license, you must: When renewing your license, you must also present a Harlow Council Group 2 Doctor' s Report, which must not be older than five years on the day the license you requested expires.

Every five years until you are 65, you must present a Harlow Council Group 2 doctor's note. As soon as you are 65 years old, you must undergo a Group 2 health evaluation every year. In order to apply for a private car rental license, you must: As soon as we have verified that your request and documents are accurate, we will give you your driving licence.

Their private rental car driving licence is one year from the date on which we issued it, validity. In order to extend your license, you must: When accepting private car rental reservations, you need an operating license. In order to apply for an operating license, you must: In the event that you have been convicted, objected to or the facilities are unsuitable for use, your request may be submitted to the Licensing Subcommittee for a ruling.

When we issue the license, it is either for one or five years. In order to extend your license, you must: Private rental vehicle users with wheelchairs are legally obliged to transport them.

For more information see the wheeled vehicle guide (pdf). By law, all private rental chauffeurs are obliged to transport assistant customers. However, the only circumstances in which a rider may deny admission to a person in a chair or a person with an assistant is if he /she has an authorisation of release.

However, the only reason for the waiver is a medically justified reason or that a physically abnormal situation makes it unreasonable or even unfeasible for a motorist to fulfil this obligation.

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