Macbook Air Bookbook

The Macbook Air Book Book

An innovative MacBook protector notion. An innovative MacBook protector notion. The BookBook is built specifically for your MacBook and is a completely custom enclosure that provides as much privacy as shelter. Five oz, this handcrafted, real-life leather bag features hardcover cover envelopes, strengthened edges and a padded back to help take the knocks from the outside. Inside, the case is padded with a smooth, supple lining to keep your MacBook open or shut.

The BookBook for MacBook is available in both Classic and Rutledge editions. Are you looking for a BookBook for the latest MacBook Pro's (released in 2016 and 2017)? The BookBook is made of real cowhide skin and hand-picked so that no two are the same. The BookBook Rutledge makes this MacBook bag even more original with hand-dyed leathers that lead to a beautiful sunrise you've never seen before.

BookBook can be used as a conventional case or you can use the two rubber straps to hold your Mac in place while you work with it while it's inside your bag. Two zippered, bookmarked leathers let you recharge your MacBook while it's securely stowed away in the BookBook. The BookBook comes with two hardcover sleeves to keep your MacBook secure for daily impact and fall shelter.

Two zips keep the BookBook locked and allow you to recharge your MacBook at the same time. BookBook's one of its most cool things is that it dresses up your MacBook, making it look like a classic old-timer. Securely hidden in the BookBook, your Mac is kept out of view even when you're in your hostel, coffeeshop, or anywhere else you take your Mac.

BookBook not only protects your Mac from the rigors of the street, it also keeps it safe from theft. The Rutledge Edition rewrites the volume on the refinement of leathers. BookBook's Rutledge Edition is the most striking edition of BookBook, and its striking styling is a tale in itself.

As a showstopper, but also a beginner in conversations, rideledge is the perfect tool. BookBooks includes iPhones, iPads and MacBooks. Looks and feels like real old-fashioned book, these gorgeous real life bags. Hardcover cover protects your equipment and the singular organization dresses up your Mac and protects it against thievery.

The BookBook for iPhone is also a purse. The BookBook Classic: The BookBook Rutledge Edition: The BookBook Classic: The BookBook Rutledge Edition: The BookBook Classic: The BookBook Rutledge Edition: The BookBook Classic: The BookBook Rutledge Edition: The BookBook Classic: The BookBook Rutledge Edition: Will the latest BookBooks work with the 2016 MacBook Pros? Because of the new sleek styling of the latest Apple MacBook Pro's, our latest BookBooks are turned off just enough not to be ideal for use.

We' ve made some great upgrades to our latest designs and we' re in full swing running our productions so we are planning to offer new BookBooks for sale in the summer of 2017. To receive information about the new MacBook Pro BookBook cases, please register here. Where is the distinction between Classic Brown and Rutledge Edition?

Classic Brown and Rutledge BookBooks have identical fits, functions and protections. Rutledge BookBook leathers are hand-pressed during the production cycle, giving them a slimmer texture and a glossier, tougher and more scratch-resistant surface. In addition, the bindings of the Rutledge BookBook have several hand-ground and hand-polished colour coats that give everyone a distinctive gold centre that slowly dims towards the margins.

The Classic Brown is the right choice for you if you are looking for a smoother, more traditionally finished look. What is the difference between this BookBook and the other BookBooks you are selling? The BookBook for MacBook Air/Pro Retina, as its name suggests, is designed to fit these ultra-thin Macs. Every BookBook we make is for a particular Apple Merchandise, such as BookBook for MacBook Pro, which will fit 13 and 15 inches of MacBook Pro and BookBook for iPad.

How can I keep my MacBook in my BookBook? There' s a chance there's a whole bunch of information on your MacBook that's invaluable, and that includes your papers, your pictures, your songs, and your video. Best way to protect these important data is to back them up on a regular basis (with an application like Time Machine) and keep your Mac in a hardcover case like BookBook.

Does my BookBook for MacBook work with my MacBook Pro unit? MacBook Pros 13 " and 15" MacBook Pros fits the 13" BookBook for MacBook Air and 15" Bookbook for MacBook Pro Retina. Does BookBook slip into my computer case? One 13-inch MacBook with BookBook fits in a 15-inch MacBook case and one 15-inch MacBook with BookBook fits in a 17-inch case.

Your MacBook should be the next bigger case. Do you have more information about BookBook for MacBook?

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