How to be a Taxi Driver in Gta 4

What do you do to become a taxi driver in Gta 4?

Same way I tried to do as to become a policeman with L1, but it just breaks the window. Muhammad, a taxi driver for the Express Car Service. class="mw-headline" id="Background">Background "-Mohammed insults Niko after a free taxi trip. Muhammad ( ??

?? in Arabic) is a figure from the Grand Theft Auto show who is featured as a secondary figure in Grand Theft Auto IV. He' s a taxi driver for the Roman Bellic taxi company. He' s matrimonial and loved his woman, but was disloyal to her when he boasted of tempting women to come and pick them up at the airports.

He' s point remarked for the point case when Roman is titled to him via receiver in an aboriginal operation cold area, but he point to appear as the one Niko Bellic is traveling around when Niko return people cab ride for people people people (Roman's Friendliness). Muhammad is very edgy, quick-tempered and anxious. Even though he is relatively civilized to Niko at the beginning, this quickly changes into an open animosity.

Apparently he is not only annoyed about the low salaries of his business and the bad handling of his staff, but also about Niko, who calls him a "parasite" or "dog friend" and makes bad remarks about his body care and claims that Niko makes the taxi stink like "pig shit". At the beginning of the match, he collects Niko in one of Roman's Esperanto-based cabs, but the navy is converted to Cavalcades after Bucher bought a new safe house in Algonquin - a telephone call from Bucher indicates that he had a substantial gamble prize around the same amount of money.

Mahomet symbolizes a New York City widespread bias of taxi driver being a Southeast Asian driver (with striking accents). From time to time he sometimes refers to Niko as "head tail" instead of "tail head". If he kidnaps him by jeep or meets the jeep, he will struggle and scream things like "Roman is tenfold more man than you" or "Roman will afford it" and other outrages.

Muhammad can be murdered by Niko, but still appears when he is summoned. When the taxi somehow catch fire, either by a pursuit by the cops or by harm (which is quite uncommon in a taxi), Mohammed gets out of the vehicle and then runs away and begins to behave like a regular walker.

Once a vehicle meets him, he will stop fighting the driver who met him, drag him out and instead begin a battle with him. If Mohammed damages the taxi Niko is in, he will ask Niko "not to tell Novel about it". If Niko asks to switch stations, Mohammed will yell at Niko: "None of the payers asks me to switch stations!

As Roman's Cab Depot surrounds his fleet on the cavalcade, Mohammed Niko will say that "Roman is fine, you see this new automobile, my friend" when he gets into the automobile for the first one. In contrast to the GTA IV taxi regulars, if Niko draws the traffic eye while driving, Mohammed won't let the vehicle stand and run away and actually drives on while being pursued by the policemen, and Niko can make a pass-by without having to worry that Mohammed will keep fleeing the vehicle.

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