Midsize Business Jets for Sale

Sale of medium-sized business jets

Medium private jets for sale on the worldwide marketplace. Supermidsize Jets - Charter, Sale and Leasing Services Supermedium class planes like the Falcon 50 provide a multitude of routing choices and conveniences for the home searcher. Similar to large jets, these jets are equipped with a host of luxury conveniences for your comforts. A typical example is a supermedium aeroplane with more than 8-10 occupants and a longer cruising distance than most mid-range aeroplanes, propelled by two jets.

Travelling at more than 500 km/h on a daily basis, these planes are quick, effective and usually quiet compared to smaller company jets. They offer ample space for outside luggage, large objects and more.

Privatjets - Super Mid Size Jets Overview

Supermid-sized jets or "super mids" are one of the most loved segments of personal jets and have been expanding for several years. In general, a midsize supercar combines the large cabine dimensions and level of detail with the mid-size operational expenses to create an airplane that is both ultra-convenient and generally has adequate operational expenses.

Below is a brief synopsis of several of our favorite supermid-size jets. Challenger 300 is a very beloved model that offers an excellent blend of convenience and very good short-range power. They were very much loved by both owner and charters, and when they first came onto the market there was a delay and long waiting times for them.

Challenger 300 has been upgrade to an even more powerful Challenger 350. Falcon 50 was a plane that was ahead of its times in many ways. Not quite as large as the other Super Mids, it was one of the first business jets to stand out around High and Hot airports.

It is a triple-jet plane that could board and disembark from Aspen on dates when other planes were stranded awaiting a drop in temperatures or a changing climate. An employee at Aspen airport would call adverse conditions a falcon, 50 nights, because that's all that would land or take off.

Now the Falcon 50's are getting a little old and are no longer made, but there are many good deals for this powerful airplane. Gulfstream 200 has its origin in the beginnings as a galaxy plane of Israeli Aircraft Industries (IAI). While the G200 was competing with the Challenger 300 in terms of cab height, but not in terms of take-off and landing strip power, it was very much in demand in some of the major sub-programmes.

G280 replaces the G200 with a completely revamped blade built on the very powerful GV and then improves the G280's power in comparison to the G200. G200 and G280 are very much appreciated by our clients for their large cabs and loading area. They can find used G200's for less than 4 million - a really good value if you don't need shorter piste work.

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