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At JetAir, we understand that you want safe, easy to use products. The JetAir blowers offer three options for high flow rates, medium to high pressures. At JetAir, we are dedicated to the security of our products and the communities that use them.

At JetAir, we are dedicated to the security of our devices and the communities that use them. This is the view from which we develop, construct and construct our sys-tems. You can be sure that your employees and your product will be protected against damages from the decrusting of your system to the installing and start-up up to the operation of your standard manufacturing.

The JetAir system is fitted with LOTO isolators, Class 3 controllers, air deflection and protection against crushing and other dangers to ensure operator protection. All our products are developed and manufactured in accordance with UL/ULC and CE guidelines and NEC and NFPA standards. Turn-key solutions incorporate system security functions such as integral moisture separation to keep your floor clean and noise insulation.

All our control elements are simple and ergonomical. By the end of the afternoon, we are here to help you with your quest to operate a secure plant.

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The JetAir Technologies JET-1 blower is the most effective blower in its category designed for medium throughput and medium air pressures for medium duty use. JET-2G is JetAir's latest high-velocity radial blower direct drive. JET-2G is designed for medium throughput and medium pressures from 7.5 - 15 kW. Designed for medium throughput and medium print medium volume application, the JET-3's direct drive capability and small size allow integration with a variety of OEM devices.

The JET-5's direct drive construction and progressive blade wheel are designed for high throughput, medium pressurized service environments and deliver industry-leading efficiencies.

JetAir Technologies - PDF Catalog | Technical Documentation - JET- 1 Blower from JETAIR?

1884 Eastman Ave, #112, Ventura CA 93003 805-654-7000 mother, 805-654-7064 Fax or © 2007 JetAir Technologies, LLC We reserve the right to make technical changes without notice. Specifications Model JET-11? Specifications Model JET-11 8.57 "Ø [218] Power curve: JET-111? cfm 200 300 400 400 500 600 600 700 700 800 900 M3/Hr 340 510 680 850 1020 1190 1190 1360 1530 mBar 250 225 200 175 150 150 150 100 75 50 Zoll wg 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10hp- 7,5kW Examined according to ASME-PCT10.

Blowers - Vacuum JET-1? High-speed centrifugal blower DESCRIPTION: DirectDrive? Technology, Single-stage centrifugal compressor, oil-less, spindle.....

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