Personal Aircraft

Private aircraft

A personal aircraft allows you to enjoy freedom wherever you want without having to worry about traffic. Light aircraft are used commercially for passenger and freight transport, sightseeing, photography and other similar tasks as well as for personal use. Oath and our partner offer you better advertising experience.

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Private planes taking off from the backyard, available until 2018.

According to estimates by aircraft designers, personal aircraft that can take off silently from the backyard will be available within two years. The Lilium Aircraft develops an electrical two-seater aircraft that needs only 20 flying lessons per hour and can travel at a speed of 250mph. Established in February 2015, Lilium is the result of four aerospace engineering graduates of the Technical University of Munich.

Although originally limited to aerodromes, the Lilium aircraft will ultimately take off from almost anywhere in the world in a vertical direction - even from backyards - and will only require an open level area of 50 feet by 50 feet (15 x 15 m). It is considered to be a light aircraft for two passengers, and the pilot's license requires a 20 hour course - almost like a driver's license.

CAA has also defined mapped routings through the town, similar to airborne streets that must be followed by aircraft drivers. Pilot may only "temporarily depart to the right of the route" to bypass other aircraft. CAA would also have to issue the permit for each aerodrome, although the aircraft would be able to immediately depart from established heliports.

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