How to call a Taxi in Gta 4 Pc

Calling a taxi in Gta 4 Pc

If you move your camera to the taxi and you need to be a little closer and press E. If the taxi is already taking a passenger, he won't stop for you. Look at it and squeeze e. If nothing happens, go closer and squeeze e again. Thursday 22 November 2012 9:40 am.

PC: Health and weapons = GTA-555-0100.

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The GTA San Andreas (PC) - How to call a taxi?

Can' find out how to call a taxi to take him to different places. Says he's pressing tabs to accept a call when you come into his mobile but doesn't know what to press to call a number. Can you get a taxi like this by phoning your mobile or somehow marking one on the road?

There' no taxi hail function (or telephone call for this matter you can only get) in San Andreas. So the only Grand-Theft Auto franchise that has that is GTA4 for the 3ps and 360x. I just disagree, don't care about a taxi and AutoJack it. hehe "GTRAC" Gran Ttheft Drive a cab!

Cute, next is major larceny at the coach terminal. The half of the gameplay consists of locating things and getting around, sneaking around and doing your mucky work.

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