Taxi for 9 Passengers

Taxicab for 9 persons

Rent 9-seater passenger transporters from Enterprise-Rent-A-Car. 9. why rent a 7-seater or 9-seater car? The Markiz Group offers you the comfortable, high quality minivan for 7-8 persons for the transport of groups. Transport in Paris by minibus offers comfort and good humour to all passengers!

Destination; Estimated number of bags; Name & number of passengers.

9-seater passenger carrier for rent | Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Multipurpose trucks are a good choice for all kinds of use. Lateral slide door panels that allow back seat entry make making an MPV more accessible and exitable than a regular car. And from the start, you'll be backed by experts who are dedicated to meeting your needs.

9 & 7-seater rental cars, best rates guarantee

Would you like to rent a 7-seater or 9-seater vehicle? Roomy interiors provide added convenience for all passengers. Elevated sitting position provides a better view of the street. Featuring auxiliary seats that normally fold down, passenger transporters and mini vans are ideal for family trips, large groups, those with added baggage, or those who just want to take advantage of the added room on long journeys.

And if you want a better view of the street in front of you, you'll take full advantages of the higher seat positions offered by the modes of transport. A higher sitting posture is also an asset for parent and passengers with extra baggage when picking up kids and bags. Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, Peoples Carrier combines styling, spaciousness and security to offer you a pleasant ride quality.

One of the characteristics you will find on passenger transporters are roadside technology and progressive security brake systems. The 7 and 9 person rental service allows you to comfortably drive with the whole team. In Spain, Great Britain and the USA - and around 180 other markets around the globe - we rent a broad selection of passenger transporters and mini vans with 7, 9 and 12 seats.

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