Taxi Receipt usa

Taxi-receipt usa

You will then receive your receipt by e-mail. In Germany, USA, Poland and Spain you can pay by app. Is the taxi cab operator giving you an additional receipt as a matter of routine?

Is the taxi operator giving you an additional receipt as a matter of routine? I' d ask for a receipt from the taxi operator so I can be refunded by my business. Often the taxi drivers gave me additional blanks. Are the taxi drivers expecting me to fill out these empty receipt and demand an additional refund and fill my own bags?

Often, when he asks for a receipt, the rider will ask what amount I want him to pay. It' possible they might get an additional tip. But when I asked a rider why he gave me additional blanks, he said, "You'll have them if you forgot to ask for a receipt while you're here".

I have a firm that wants a receipt for anything over $10. Cities like Vegas, where taxis (although for shorter distances) are about $6-8, don't need a receipt. Taxi driver often give me additional receipt just in case I loose or miss to ask you. I am glad to get an additional one for the time when I forgot to ask for one!

Twice I asked for an additional receipt because I had forgot to receive a receipt on two other occasion. And the other day, the rider said he'd give me another for a buck. And when I said no, he still gave me the additional one. Many people in my company boast about how much they " earn " on their travels.

In New York, one of their favourites is to submit about 4 or 5 taxi vouchers a night for 10 to 12 dollars each, which nobody will question. They never take a taxi in New York (except from the airport), they just go on foot and take all the additional cash.

Therefore, many people ask for additional documents and are used to them being given by the driver. Incidentally, they also charge $5 a night to tip the servant girl they never abandon, and $10 to tip the belfry even though they have their own pockets. GMT -8 is all timers, current timer is 13:47 PM.

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