Taxi Centre Leven

Leven Taxi Centre

This greedy taxi company, I will stay with the smaller, punctual and MUCH friendlier local taxi companies. I was three times late because of the amazing ability to measure time in the taxi centre. Fife Taxi Centre, Leven, Fife. We offer an excellent taxi service in Fife and surroundings!

Fife Taxi Centre

Taxi Centre has an ample pool of state-of-the-art cars operated by our standard driver. Throughout the year, we are active around the clock from our location in Fife. Our aim is to provide the best service. Rest assure that if you decide on the taxi centre that takes good care of your transportation needs, you are in good hands. Your taxi centre is the right choice for you.

They will have the full attentiveness of our driver from the time they are sent to accompany you on your itinerary. They will be at your disposal for the entire length of your trip. Driver are known for their elegant looks and responsive support. We buy new cars for all our cars.

We believe that the purchase of all our cars from new and the maintenance by authorized dealers will enhance the security aspects for our clients. It is known as the UK's premier taxi dispatch system. Our cars are all monitored in real time, which increases the security and fun of our clients.

Our fleet ranges from limousines, multi-seater cars, minibuses and wheelchair accessible cars, minibuses to 16-seater coaches. Those are well cared for and up to date. They are available for every kind of events. In the taxi centre you can be sure that you will be offered a reasonable fare for your trip.

Our taxi centre offers the possibility for our clients to make payments by road with their direct debits or credits cards. Golftours, concerts, football, weddings, shopping tours, airport transfers, individual and private city tours, minibus transfers, additional luggage tags, child seats and local service. The taxi centre is available 24 h a day to take you on your trip, whether you are on vacation or on work.

This is a sample of our fleet, our staff and our offices.

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