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The flight to New Zealand is usually not very cheap. Book your flight to NZ There was a point when when you wanted to go to an internationally and thrilling place like New Zealand, you went to your kind major road agency, sit down, reading a newspaper, finally meeting with the operative and booking a tickets. Still there are some respectable operatives out there - some are Down Under Answers in Seattle and Going Places in San Francisco - but generally the best way to make your booking is to make it directly to the airline using their safe websites.

They have an outstanding, very user-friendly website and, most importantly, they have *often* features on their regular intercontinental services. However, we also try to pass the buck to those who have been informed about our travel in the past, although Air New Zealand has a particularly good offer. Continental Airlines is the same for their Houston-Auckland service, and in fact you can make reservations directly with almost any airline today.

However, before you do, you have to try a trade off through some of the more efficient fare consolidation sites, such as, and, or if you are in the UK, try or You can sometimes get a better offer this way - sometimes you will just acknowledge that you are already getting a good offer from the airline.

The flight to New Zealand is usually not very cheap. It is a low traffic and low traffic itinerary, so the kind of low cost offers you see going to OTHER places like Rome, Bangkok or whatever are usually not available for New Zealand. Often our customers have been able to get tickets to New Zealand from North America or Europe for around 800 US dollars, 600 GBP or 720 Euro.

Like any airline, if you make it to the last moment, it will usually - not always - be a little more expensive. May I use my points to get to New Zealand? You can use your FFP points to get to New Zealand! Every major US carrier has a codeshare arrangement with either NZ or Qantas, so ask your local agency or airline for FF mileage - and keep in mind, the earlier you improve, the earlier FF seating is cleared 335 flights before your scheduled date of scheduled flights, and they tell me that there are few places on each flights, so good luck, and if you don't get lucky the first try - try again the next one!

How about doing your job in Vienna International Airport? What about doing your job in Business Class, Premium Economy and so on? When you have the money or flight points to purchase an airline ticket, we strongly advise you to take Air New Zealand Air Travel Professional Airfare. You call it your Businessclass - but it's not. It' s easy to compare with any first-class cabin in the can. They have a personal "Pod" that can be folded into a 7-foot flatbed...a great menue with very good New Zealand wine...and really, really good customer care.

It' not cheap - but it's absolutely astonishing. They won't want to get off the airplane when they get to New Zealand!

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