11 Seater Taxi

11-Seater Taxi

The fleet of our vehicles includes four-seater estates, six-seater passenger transporters and eight-seater minibuses with enough space for your luggage. 11-seater Minibustaxi available in Cartagena? - Autumn Forum 11-seater Minibustaxi available in Cartagena? A group of 11 people travel to Cartagena and I would like to organise transportation for us over the week-end. Definitely a trip to the region and ideal arrangements for a transfer to the airports.

Anybody know a taxi service in the area with a 11-passenger minivan?

I have been given flight transfer, I have tried the tourism bureau (no answer) and have browsed the Internet, but without success. 11-seater Minibustaxi available in Cartagena? Hello Andrew P, a look at the Spain Gelbe Seiten might help (if you haven't done it yet). If you are looking for'Alquiler de mikrobús en Cartagena' you will see a shortlist of several movies.

Here is a pair that says that they have mini busses that have from 15 seats, make the airports transfer, and make the visit to tourism centers, etc. to release you.... 11-seater Minibustaxi available in Cartagena? I could help if I also gave you the Spanisch Gelbe Seiten addresses....

11-seater Minibustaxi available in Cartagena? Thanks Dave, we can handle most middle english between us, but unfortunately not english. 11-seater Minibustaxi available in Cartagena?

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