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Hire an aircraft online - tenant insurance. Prices are "wet" (petrol included). The Lunken Flight Training Center offers aircraft around the clock. Rental Prices - Fleet & Rental Prices.

GVL-based aircraft

Cessna Pilot Center offers you the highest level of teaching experience available from King Schools for Cessna Pilot Centers. Present vouchers are available for introductory flights and flying times. Nonprimary pupil jets are subjected to a basic shift in the further education of pupils. The greater of at least 3 hours per night fee or real flying hours applies to the rental of aircrafts for several days.

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Click here for more informationWe have hangers with heating!... Make your pre-flight in the warmed suspension.... The majority of colleges let you make your pre-flight in the freezing temperatures. Your not your usual flying school/aircraft rental. Normally flying academies offer you a low rate and then charge a supplement for gas! We offer you what you want to buy.

Be sure to ask when you rent aircraft elsewhere! on-line scheduler: Plan your aircraft on-line and minimise the phone trailer common in flying school. We use a really basic on-line planner to make it easier for you, not us!

Learning to Flight! Flight Training Centre Lunken

You will find the aviation rental specifications in the Flight Training section. ngt9000, kln94, wfr and approximaapproved GPS, 4-place communication system. Practise standard airplane and contingency techniques, instruments techniques, instruments currencies and missions samples. Practise WAAS LPV, LNAV+V, LNAV and ground approaches at any US-Port.

Analogues, Aspen, Avidyne, G500, G1000 and perspective electronics in various makes and types of aircrafts. For bookings lasting several days, the lowest rent level will apply.

One Air Services

It'?s a pilot shop. Manuals, cards, FAA test preparation materials, shirts, hats and more! There are seven planes at our disposal. Make sure you call today about a plane cash register! Allow us to take over your plans and make sure you fully appreciate your time. There are also nice areas for lobbying and meteorological rooms. Allow us to administer your whole company and private air transport fleets.

We take charge of your trip planning, maintenance of your airplane and catering on the plane - that's what we do!

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