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New York Taxi Rides Reduced by 10%

that Uber and other ride-sharing companies have on their businesses. Now, New York taxi cabs have the evidence they need to address their case to the New York City council, the same board that was only a voice away from dramatically cutting the number of rental cars registered on the New York city streets.

The New York Daily News analysed recently available taxi and limousine commission figures show that the overall number of journeys in the first half of 2015 was 10% lower than in the same half of the previous year: Last year, 5 million, revealed a daily news analysis of travel dates. "Figures also show falling revenue from taxi tariffs, the Daily News said:

"Each cabin generated an estimated 9% less in actual figures due to an increase in the number of cab medals and intensified competitive pressure. "Last month, a bill that would limit the number of those allowed to rent vehicles was passed after voice contests by Uber driver and supporter. Instead, the municipality heralded a scheme to investigate the impact of rental cars such as Uber on traffic congestion in Manhattan.

About Daily News reporter Nolan Hicks and Dan Rivoli explained that his fasted areas of growth are outside Manhattan, areas short of coverage by taxis. Taxis and Limousines Commission says there are many more things than just service providers like Citi Bikes, the bicycle sharing programme that has more than doubled its floor space this year.

"When you look at how the cab industry of less populous towns like San Francisco has survived the shifting scenery, a very powerful case can be made that the New York metropolitan area is indeed quite robust! "Fierce rivalry has also led to a collapse in the value of diamond taxis.

By 2013, a diamond taximeter was valued at approximately $1.3 million. Meanwhile, the biggest individual holder of locket, Gene Friedman of Taxis Club Limited, recently declared himself bankrupt and told the observer that the town was not willing to work with him because the value of his locket collapsed. Cabmen in other US towns - such as Washington, DC, and Palm Beach, Florida - have been protesting against Uber by blocking transport in their towns.

Taxidrivers in towns around the globe have also been protesting against Uber's increasing worldwide presence. Taxis in France raided automobiles and lit fire in June, causing some of the country's major roads to come to a complete halt in protests against Uber. In London last Summer, cabmen - persuaded that over-drivers violated the bill - were closed in essence parts of the London metropolis with a barrel of jams and roadblocks.

Taxi riders in other major EU countries - including Berlin, Madrid, Lisbon and Milan - have also gone on strike against the group.

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