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Information sur le vol avec WOW air In order to be able to take care of all your travel needs on time, we recommend that you arrive at the airport two to three hours before departure and check in as soon as possible. The counters open about two hours before departure. WOW air recommande aux passagers de s'enregistrer entre 90 et 120 minutes avant le départ.

One way of checkin in at WOW air is web check-in. This is available 24 hours to 1 hour before departure. You can either print out your boarding pass or send an e-mail with your digital boarding pass. Another variante of check-in with WOW air is check-in at the airport.

The counters open 3 hours and close about 45 minutes before departure. At WOW air, la franchise bagages et les frais éventuels dépendent de l'option de voyage choisie et de la destination. WOW air offre actuellement trois options de voyage différentes, ce qui signifie, en ce qui concerne vos bagages : L'option WOW Basics comprend 1 article personnel de 42 x 32 x 25 cm et 10 kg maximum.

Hand bagage et bagages enregistrés ne sont possibles qu'à ce rate pour un supplément de prix. The WOW Plus et WOW Biz travel options include 1 personal item of max 42 x 32 x 25 cm and 10 kg, 1 piece of hand luggage up to a maximum size of 56 x 45 x 25 cm and 12 kg and 1 recorded baggage.

You will find a detailed list of fees and baggage regulations on the airline's website. Seat reservations at WOW air also depend on your reserved travel option and destination. For the WOW Basic and WOW Plus travel options, seats reservations are subject to additional fees. WOW air offre différentes options d'assise telles que des sièges avec plus d'espace pour les jambes ou le BigSeat (extra large et confortable, beaucoup d'espace pour les jambes, avec repose-pieds).

Enough for you to the seating option, however, different fee are possible for you. A detailed list of additional fees can be found on the WOW air website. In addition to a selection of duty-free items and an entertainment programme, WOW air also offers snacks, meals and drinks, which you must pre-order from the airline as part of your flight, for an additional fee.

However, the WOW Biz travel option includes drinks and food. The prices on this page are only the estimated lowest prices found in the last 45 days.

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