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Flying Dragons, also known as FDS (Traditional Chinese: ???; simplified Chinese: ???; Jyutping: Fei1lung4bong1), are a Chinese-American road band that was prominently displayed in New York City's Chinatown from the early seventies to the early nineties. Founded in 1967, by migrants mainly from Hong Kong, they are associated with the Hip Sing Tong.

In the 1980s, the mob often fought bloodied territory battles with the newer ghost shadows, and their activity encompassed blackmail, abduction, murder, trickery and illicit gaming. These gangs entered the business of selling smack after the Italian-American mafia began to lose business in the mid-1980s due to the persecution of Pizza Connections.

In 1993 the head of the mob, Johnny "Onionhead" Eng, was condemned to 24 years in 14 cases of drug trafficking and plotting. Like the triads of China and the yakuza of Japan, the Flying Dragons are likely to work with humans of their own nation. In contrast to occidental bands, groups like the Flying Dragons go unnoticed by the cops outside their own homeland.

Johnny "onionhead" Eng is said to be a rather aggressive band that is implicated in murder and narcotics dealing. Flying Dragons are said to have been operating strongly in Chinatown in the United States and Hong Kong. The Flying Dragons, like many Asiatic bands, were concerned with illicit narcotics, especially smack.

Ongoing demands for illicit narcotics by US users, in which Asiatic bands played a significant role, have prompted the US administration to start a drug war in the early 1990s. Corporal Johnny Eng, also known as "Onionhead", was charged with leading an internal import regimen of smack.

Persecutors in Brooklyn Supreme Court say there is a pile of proof against him like 300 lbs of cannabis that is shiped to New York in padded pets, taped to messengers and taped in stainless machinery used to washing green beans shoots. Throughout Chinatown, narcotics traffic has been significantly diminished by the detection of subterranean caves.

Engine Gun Johnny ("onion head") Eng is said to have come from Asia (Hong Kong) to this county at the young age of 13. He is considered a multi-millionaire, with interests in Hong Kong, farming in Pennsylvania and farming in South America. According to reports, he took over the Flying Dragons after his precursor was fired into the Hip Sing Credit Unions door opening in the early years of 1983.

JOHNNNY Eng is known for a case in which he was accused of dealing in smack, faced with a probation period and mocked the case with smiles and laughter. Flying Dragons have many Hong Kong origins. During 1994, when prosecutors said a severe strike was being made against the biggest and last of the Chinatown criminals, 33 alleged members of the Flying Dragons were accused of state extortion.

According to source, these allegations were three homicides, 12 murder attempts, drug dealing, illicit gaming, fire raising, blackmail, and robbery, ranging from Manhattan to Brooklyn and Queens. Institute for Scientific Analysis has findings[6] showing that Asiatic bands first began to emerge when a large swimming pot of young immigrants from China who came to San Francisco in the end of the 60s were compelled into self-employment by the city's neglect to identify the needs of its new arrivals.

Integrating Asiatic bands into the criminality sub-culture of the China communion, the absence of legitimacy for youth, and the animosity of other ethnical and Asiatic groups promoted the following generation of Asiatic bands. "Because of a number of China exclusion laws, it did not believe that there were too many female and child immigrants from China who were permitted to emigrate to the United States before 1965.

There was a large proportion of grown men in the China fellowship, mainly Bachelor men. As a result, there were only a small number of kids, which suffocated the gang building in China's cities. Apparently, the organized crime traditions that used capable young men emerged at the end of the 19th century.

As there were few female prostitutes in the United States, the prostitutes started forming circles to meet the needs of young people.

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