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The Apple announcement will come before the end of the year, but it's probably sooner rather than later. Here is what we want to see from a new MacBook. The MacBooks will not be the focal point of Apple's big "Gather Round" September Wednesday evening events. But thanks to numerous rumours, we know that Apple is working on a new, accessible notebook that might appear at the show. Here is what I would like Apple to announce for a new, entry-level notebook.

A lot of reviews about the new machine have called it a "revised MacBook Air". MacBook Air was a beloved and powerful notebook - and the first introduction of the Mac for many. The revival of the air would give the mark after some disturbing publications vintageism. Please, Apple.

Instead of relying on an old make like Air, Apple has to store the MacBook it already has. At its relaunch in 2015, the 12-inch MacBook was not nearly as big as the Air, which is mainly due to the high entry level pricing, the slow Intel Core M processors and the restricted choice of ports.

In spite of its forward-looking styling, it was quickly neglected as an expensive, slower device, especially when comparing it to the equivalent 13-inch MacBook Pro. Regarding layout, this new notebook must be a more advanced edition of the 12-inch MacBook. MacBook Air with a USB-C connection isn't the kind of MacBook Air that Apple should worry about.

It' about or Apple to catch that again. Pricing is one of the MacBook browsers greatest problems. With $1,300, it's not much less than a MacBook Pro and far more affordable than entry-level top notebooks like the Dell XPS 13. Because this new notebook would replace the MacBook Air, I want the new MacBook to cost no more than $1,000.

This is still not feasible, but it would be a $300 rebate on the latest 12-inch MacBook Air and would coincide with the actual retail prices of the MacBook Air. So the only times Apple rated a MacBook below $1,000 was the (now out of stock) 11-inch MacBook Air, which was $900 when it was released.

I' d be amazed if Apple would bring out a laptops that is again accessible, but anything over $1,000 will still be too high. And if it needs a small 128GB SSD (like the basic MacBook Pro model), it does. Don't you think Apple would ever lower the cost of a line of products to conserve them?

It' tallying Apple to do the same thing with the MacBook. Finally, I'd like to see the new MacBook with the latest Intel graphics card on it. No matter which Apple laptops are released in 2018, it's likely to be the eighth generation, but Intel's recently introduced CPUs look like the ideal complement. MacBook currently has a 7th-generation Intel Core M CPU, which is no longer up to the challenge.

On top of a little more power, an Amber Lake-operated MacBook would offer improved connectivity with Gigabit Wi-Fi and possibly integrated 4G LTE. I don't require Apple to make its own processor, fully deploy iPhone applications to the Mac, or deploy notebook applications to its laptop computers. When Tim Cook enters the scene on Wednesday and announces a $1,000 12-inch MacBook with a twenty-hour rechargeable power supply, I'll be lucky.

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