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Cardholder information about the card payment mandate. Rondo first page Book your cab quicker - without making a call! With our software you can order your cab quickly and easily. You can choose from various vehicle types: sedan, van, caravan, mini van, which make up a great fleet of Mercedes E-Class, Audi A6, ?koda Superb, etc.

There is a possibility of a free of charge shuttles service to all Slovenian hotel and hostel destinations and for those with a more costly flavor we provide an Elite/VIP shuttles service.

One of the best Elite/VIP in Ljubljana. Our company offers you luxurious and contemporary automobiles with the possibility to rent the vehicle with your own private guide. Courtesy pick-ups are only valid for courtesy pick-ups from the airports to your stay or round the clock. It is also possible to book Elite/VIP-Flughafentrans, which we provide under Shuttle-Transfer.

The taxi transfer is for a smaller group of persons (max. 4) with less baggage. Mini van transfer is designed for large groups (max 7) with less baggage. Transfer by shuttles is possible for large groups (max. 8) or transfer to the airports.

It is also the best option for the larger amount of baggage. VIP transfer is for those who want more comfort and convenience with higher quality automobiles. Court esy transfer is only for the arrival and departure to an international destination and for a larger number of persons with all their baggage.

Taxi order

Our 24-hour 24-hour support is available seven working days per day. Our company's goal is to ensure a dependable and secure taxidriver experience for all groups of customers in our business. Well, our cabmen bring all the found objects to us: Immediately after the journey, if you find that you have forgotten something in the cab, call the cabbie.

It is recommended to order a cab to the nearest aerodrome in time. This way we can ensure that the cab is at the destination and waits for the client as soon as the plane land. Drivers will only run the taximeter when the client comes to the cab - if the plane is delayed, the drivers will await the client free of cost.

Jyväskylä International Airports offers the possibility of ordering a cab with the help of the hotline.

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