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If so, Plane Finder AR is the perfect app for you. You can use the Plane Finder to see which layers are currently above us. Layer positions are plotted from real-time data and NOT estimated in advance! Real-time live flight tracking from around the world! http://planefinder.

net. Latest tweets from the Plane Finder (@planefinder).

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If so, Plane Finder AR is the ideal application for you. The Plane Finder AR uses enhanced functionality to display real-time information directly on the monitor. Air travel pros, vacationers, gardeners, pubs, clubs, courses or just about anywhere will enjoy easy accessibility to the precise and in-depth information in Plane Finder AR.

Really, you don't have to wonder where the plane's going anymore. Upload Plane Finder AR from the Apple Store: The Plane Finder AR application is backed by our growing ADS-B service, which provides near real-time information about planes in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Brazil, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Russia and many other countries.

Visit our online chart to see the latest news around the clock. The Plane Finder AR is very simple to use. Just open the application, point your camcorder at the layers and see the results. Kompassskarte - A small plane-finder card that rotates like a hand held guide to allow fast target acquisition.

Viewfinder - The card contains a triangular viewfinder in color for greater precision. Distance meter - Open it to adjust the destination area - narrow it to 1 or 2 mile for use at the airports. Hopefully you will like both the Plane Finder applications and the website. Below is a short picture of the Plane Finder AR taken during a short journey to Heathrow!

Photocommunity for aircraft finder and ship finder

We' re pleased to announce that the two latest contest recipients of our photography contest have won two more iPod touch titles. Happy birthday to Marina Milicevic and Joe Taylor, who won with these great pictures. December 2018's contest is now on and as before we welcome photos from pros and hobbyists and there are two more iPod Touch prizes to be won.

Already submitted pictures are also allowed to participate! We' re very happy about all the pictures you upload to the website, and all the pictures designated with the MMSI or Plane Reg will be displayed in the applications.

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