Executive Airplane

Executive aircraft

Baton Rouge, LA We are a fully fledged affiliate of the Newtron Group, L.L.C. Executive Aviation is a Fixed-Base Operating Company (FBO) headquartered at Baton Rouge Metro Airport, Louisiana. We have been in the aerospace industry for more than 25 years.

We have a dedicated staff of seasoned specialists offering charter air travel, tenant-based service, airplane servicing, quickfuel and more.

We are a leading company in the FBO sector and strive to become "your personal flight department". Convenience, qualtity and convenience are our specialities and we always keep our private sphere high. Allow us to offer you the service you need during your stay in the Baton Rouge region.

Those of us with a long-term commitment are very proud of our work and the company's image, which is evident. Delivering the highest value gear and resource to our teams, we proactively rewards superior processing and production. It is this ethos that leads to the best and most competetive service for our clients.

Zero clip injury at Chicago Executive Airport

There were no reports of injury after the wing tip of an aircraft today struck a tanker at Chicago Executive Wheeling today, officers said. Chicago-executive spokesperson Rob Mark said the incident happened about 9:50 a.m. at the Chicago International Airports Prospect Heights and Wheeling property. Earlier Mark said that a trainee pilots on his second sole ride apparently rolls southwards in the section of the airfield nearest Milwaukee Avenue when the wing tip cut the Hawthorne Global Aviation Services tanker.

He said the aviator was in a Cessna 172 held by the Chicago Executive Flight School, which is located at the Chicago International Airports. Mark said neither the pilots nor the drivers of the tanker were hurt, and no petrol was spilt from the car to carry out urgent cleaning. Chicago Executive with its three take-off and landing strips is home to some 325 aircraft.

It' the 4th biggest one in Illinois.

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