Taxi Price from Madrid Airport to City Centre

Price of taxi from Madrid airport to city centre

If your destination is outside the city ring, however, you pay what is on the taximeter. What is the cost of a taxi from Madrid-Barajas International Airport (MAD) in Madrid, Spain? There is no more marking by taxi, no more stress because of costs and cleanliness. You will also learn how to get from the city centre to the airport. There are several ways for visitors to Madrid to get from Barajas Airport to the city centre.

From Barajas airport to the centre of Madrid.

Madrid-Barajas airport is about 12 km from Madrid and is solid. In addition, as Spain's most congested airport, it is hardly a place to relax, especially if you could spend your free moments tossing back your wines and enjoying your cocktails in the city. Four airport kiosks are linked by a free 24-hour shuttle to and from the airport for non-passengers (no Boarding Card required) and a connecting shuttle for travelers with changing Boards from one kiosk to another.

Numerous display windows, eateries and ATMS make the airport a great place to eat and buy before your plane leaves. The good connection to the city centre of Madrid makes the journey from the airport easier. They can take the subway, the coach, the railway or a taxi. Taxi is an easiest and most pleasant way to get to and from the airport.

Each of the four terminal has a taxi rank on the groundfloor, directly in front of the arrival. The taxi rates from the airport should be about 20-25 Euro inclusive of a surcharge for the airport, but there is no extra surcharge for baggage if it readily fit in the taxi or on the shelves.

The journey from the airport to the city centre should take about half an hours, dependent on the volume of travel and your ultimate goal. From the airport, the most convenient way to get to downtown Madrid is a shuttle bus. When you arrive in Madrid, you can make your reservation and the bus will wait for you in the arrival lounge with a name tag.

From Madrid airport you can use a complimentary taxi rental at about the same price as a taxi. We recommend myDriver Airport Transfer Madrid for this type of services in Madrid. Madrid-Barajas' Airport Express busses run 24 and 365 daily.

It is ideal for travelers who have to make their eyes water and cannot travel by subway or rail. From Madrid-Barajas to Atocha railway terminal takes about 40mins. There is a 15 -minute service during the morning and a 35 -minute service at night. Every 15 hours. Intercept the T1, P2 and 4 terminal of the USB cable.

Ticket costs five Euro and can be bought in the coach. Take the subway line 8 from Madrid-Barajas (in any terminal) to Nuevos Ministerios in the centre of Madrid. Journey time is about 15 min. You can change from there to subway 6 and 10. The Madrid subway system operates from 06:00-01:30 approximately every five minute a day, from 22:00 to 23:00 every 10 minute and from 23:00-02:00 every 15 minute.

Subway fares with airport surcharge begin at 4.50 Euro and can be up to five Euro according to your ultimate goal. They can be purchased at vending terminals at the airport tolling station and at underground train stops throughout the city. During your stay, if you have a great deal to do with the transportation system, you can apply for the Madrid Tourist Travel Pass for zones A 1, 2, 3, 5 or 7 nights and refrain from having to pay a reduced rate for the airport.

You can take the tram ("Metro ligero") from the T4 terminus to Chamberin, Nuevos Ministerios, Atocha or Príncipe Pío. If you are somewhere else, take the free of charge Airport Transfer Bus to get to Airport 4. Journey to Chamartín railway station lasts about 11 min. Ticket to and from the airport costs 4,50 Euro.

Stadtbahn trams run from 6:00 to 01:33 with train every 15 min in the early hours and every 5-8 min every 5-8 min in the city.

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