Taxi fare Barcelona City to Airport

Take a taxi from Barcelona City to the airport

cab There are taxi ranks in front of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The fare depends on the hours when the passenger takes a taxi: either late or late. A surcharge of 3.10 applies at the airport (Entry/Exit) and the minimal hub and exit is 20 Euro (including surcharge).

There may be other additions according to where you need to go or if it is a holiday.

Getting from Barcelona Airport to the City Centre

Describes how to get from Barcelona Airport to your accommodation (hotel, guesthouse or apartment). What is best for you will depend on several things, including: your arriving date, the number of persons in your group, which part of the city you are in and your personal budgets. Notice that this information relates to Barcelona Airport, also known as Barcelona el Prat or BCN (the airport's IATA site code).

A number of airline companies use the misleading terms Barcelona Reus and Barcelona Girona for Reus and Girona respectively. I' ll be writing about these two aerodromes in a seperate paper as they are NOT in Barcelona. Taxi from Barcelona airport to the centre of Barcelona will take about 30 min. and will cost about 30 Euro.

From Barcelona all cabs are measured, the precise fare will depend on the combined travel distances and times. Surcharges apply for airport pick-ups and trips after 8 p.m. or on the weekend. Verify the length and costs of a taxi to your guesthouse with this on-line taxi routing tool.

Behind the gate you will see a large "TAXI" board and a gate that leads down to the taxi stand (see photo). Terminals 2 is subdivided into 3 parts A, B and C. Taxis are waiting on the street in front of section B. When you come out of the luggage reclaim area you will see signposts to the taxi stand.

If you arrive early in the afternoon on a day of the week, please be aware that due to busy post-work hours in the city, the trip may take longer. Aerobuses in aerobus form a quick bus between the airport and Plaça de Catalunya. Busses run every 5 or 10 mins from 5:35 am to 1 am (Terminal 1) or 6 am to 1 am (Terminal 2).

Fare is 5. 90 one way or 10. 20 two-way. From Barcelona airport to the city center is a 35 min drive and there's free Wi-Fi on the boat so you can let your relatives and acquaintances know you've come safe, updated your social networking page, or made short-term travel plans.

You can buy your ticket from the chauffeur (only in hard currency - no big tickets), at the ticket machine at the bus stop (only airport and Pl. Catalunya) or in advanced on the Aerobus website. Once you exit the luggage reclaim area, drive ahead so that you come between the taxi rank and the Fiorre cafe.

There' s a big plaque that takes you to the busses down the hills. Aerobus is NOT protected by TMB passes or passes like the T10 or Hola Barcelona!... There is a service every 30 min from the railway terminal in Terminal 2. Tip: If you buy a T10 multi-ride pass, you can take the airport rail with the subway and coach as one ride for 1.02 ?.

From the airport to the city center, a one-way trip to the city center will cost ?4.20 and cannot be used on the subway or bus. As an alternative, you can buy a Hola BCN! passport that allows unrestricted journeys on subways, busses, streetcars and local rail services within Zones 1 (including airport and subway trains).

A free shuttleservice is available from Terminals 1 to 2. Travel time is less than ten mins, but you should allow a 15-20 mins drive from T1 to the railway terminus. When you exit the luggage claim area, go ahead so that you go between the taxi bay and the Café de la Fontre de la Comffee.

Then you will see a board that will lead you to the busses down the aprons. Upon arriving at Terminals 2, you should take the green line drawn on the floor. When entering the terminals, turn back to yourself and go up the stairs. For a few moments you cross the roofed viaduct that goes to the railway shed.

You can buy your rail pass at the vending machine on the right when you walk into the railway area. My recommendation is to buy a T10 multi-ride pass for this voyage, here's the reason. There is a roofed viaduct connecting Terminals B and B with the railway stations. Arriving at T2B airport, turn to your right at the luggage reclaim and continue following the directions to the railway yard.

Coming from T2A, turn right as you exit the luggage reclaim area and continue following the directions to the railway yard. It is a 5 minute walking distance from the luggage office to the railway depot. The 2C terminal is only suitable for easy-Jet departure flights. What Barcelona railway yard? Airport trains stop at the following Barcelona stations:

What railway you should take when traveling from Barcelona airport to downtown Barcelona will depend on where you live: Sants - This railway line is located near Plaça Espanya and Montjuic and links the underground L5 and Line3. This is also Barcelona's central railway with AVE, long-distance, medium and local services that serve the whole of Spain.

Gràcia Passig - This railway line is nearest to the center of Barcelona (Plaça de Catalunya and the Gothic Quarter) and is connected to the L2, 3 and 4 underground routes. Clot-Aragó - This railway line is good for Poblenou, Clot and the most northern part of the Eixample (especially if you want to take a taxi from the railway line to your hotel).

The station is connected to the underground L1 and L2 as well as some commuter trains. Barcelona Airport's new subway was opened on February 12, 2016. A new line named L9 southwards from the airport to the city' s southwest campus has 15 stations: T1 Airport, T2 Airport, Mas Blau, Parc Nou, Cèntric, El Prat Estació, Les Moreres, Mercabarna, Parc Logístic, Fira, Europa-Fira, Can Tries-Gornal, Torrassa, Collblanc, Zona Universitaria.

From Monday to Thursday from 5.00 a.m. to 12.00 a. m., on Fridays from 5.00 a.m. to 2.00 a.m. and on Sundays from 5.00 a.m. Saturday to midnight. The underground runs every 7 min. Airport Underground fare is 4.60 - one-way fares are 4.60 - one-way fares are available as normal and the T10 fare is NOT allowed to be used on the Airport Underground.

HolaBCN! tickets, which allow unrestricted travelling on Barcelona's subway, buses and trams from 14.25 for 48 hrs (online price), can be used in the airport subway and can be bought on-line at vending terminals at the train stations or in person.

L9 subway from Barcelona airport does not directly link the city center. Have a look at the subway card here. The Mobile World Convention attendees are interested in knowing that the travel from the airport to the convention by subway will take 22mins. Once you exit the luggage reclaim area, drive ahead so that you come between the taxi rank and the Fiorre cafe.

Continue to walk ahead and you will see flashing U-Bahn signage above the moving stairs leading down to the U-Bahn stop (see picture above). Subway stop at 2 is situated below ground next to the railway depot. Following the above instructions, when you reach the railway you will see the subway entry on your right.

In the daytime (from 5 a.m. to 11:50 p.m.), the 46 line departs from both airport departure points to Espanya Square. If you have not already bought a T10 or Hola BCN! pass, the trip will cost 2.20 ?. At the airport you can unfortunately only buy a T10 pass at the railway terminal in the Terminal 2 or at the tobacco shop in the T1 area.

When you have a limited economy and are arriving in Barcelona after the train and the aerobus have halted, you can take the overnight buss. Take the N16 from the T1 and the N17 from the T2 to the city-center. Fare is 2,20 and there are busses every 20 min.

Unless you live near the Plaça de Catalunya or one of the other stations on the way, I do not suggest the overnight buss. Arriving after the metro has ceased and you need to join a second overnight coach, your entire travel can be very long.

If I arrive in Barcelona later in the evening, I rather pay the additional cost for a taxi. Busses also run from the airport to Castelldefels, Sant Boi, Sant Joan de Llobregat and Cornella and further on to Lleida, Tarragona, Tossa de Mar, Roses and Cadaqués. Should you wish someone to wait for you when your plane arrive, you can book a personal taxi with Book Taxi Barcelona.

When you book your bank wire in anticipation, you profit from a set rate that is prepaid by Paypal or your bank account. Barcelona Airport has several rental agencies, among them Europcar, Avis and Hertz. During your time in the city, a vehicle will be of little use. Also if you want to spent a single overnight in Barcelona and want to start the next day, I suggest that you collect your rental vehicle on the following departure date.

Actually, there is not a best possibility to get from or to the airport to the city center of Barcelona. Living near the Plaça de Catalunya, the Plaça de la Universitat or the Plaça de Espanya? Live somewhere else in town without too much baggage? Get on the rail and/or subway. Get a cab.

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