Auto Rickshaw bill Format

Car Rickshaw Invoice Format

Contains vehicle information and separate sections for services and parts. You can download the pro forma invoice template to make a written commitment between two parties to exchange goods or services at a specific price. Free-of-charge pro forma invoice template | Excel | Excel | PDF To make a binding agreement between two parts for the replacement of goods or provision of a service at a specific cost, please go to the Proforma Billing Form and click it. Stage 1 - Adobe PDF (.pdf) or Microsoft Word (.

doc) files to be downloaded. 2 - Specify the date and number of the bill above.

Please fill in the name of your business / your name, your postal adress and your telephone number. Stage 3 - Sent to - Specify the delivery adress of the receiver with name and number. On the right, fill in the air waybill number and information about air waybill dispatch. Stage 4 - Goods Descriptions - Describe here any kind of goods in the consignment, their amount, their unit cost, the associated delivery charges and tax, and mix the numbers in each line to give sums in the right hand side colum.

5 - Specify on the right the kind of money you would like to be deposited in and below the transport conditions and the reasons for the exporting. Stage 1 - Download in Microsoft Excel (.xls). Stage 2 - Start by typing your company's name above, followed by its postal adress and other contacts information.

On the right, then, type the bill number, the date, the expiry date, and the client number. Stage 3 - Customer/Shipping to - Type the customer's name, business name and contacts here, then type the name and email to which the goods will be shipped. Fill in the shipment information on the right, specifying the date of shipment, number of parcels, etc.

4 - Descriptions Table - Describe each kind of product that is sent in a seperate line. Specify the part number and the measurement units (e.g. collar, reel, etc.) on the far right. On the right, then, specify the amount and piece value and the taxes for each to obtain the sum for each line on the right.

Add all applicable tax, postage, and other applicable costs to achieve the full amount owed by the client. Stage 5 - Conditions and other remarks - Add all conditions of payments such as the type of payments to be used by the client. Add the following exports and transportation ports information and then confirm the information on the bill by sign and date below.

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