International Flight Reservation Online

Online International Flight Reservation

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Below you will find a guide to purchasing international airline ticketing and purchased service on the US website. The reservation opens at 16:00 p m Ocean Customs and may take several consecutive hour. Reservation period is based on ticket price. The ?This website is located in the period of the Near East. Specific in-flight meal requests such as baby and vegetable meal requests and bookings for clients having difficulties travelling long distances can be made through the ANA website.

Bookings other than those made by the ANA Group are subject to the regulations of the respective carrier. A reservation may be cancelled due to the purchasing periods specified for each carrier or due to a double reservation. Use your travel cards in the route indicated on the card, starting with your date of travel.

Please contact your local bank directly for information on international transactions charges. This processing charge is non-refundable. Procedure prior to your flight booking date. Corrected on the basis of the current conversion rates. In the event a reimbursement is due, we will return the original payment method you used to buy the tickets in the original buying denomination.

There is no charge for a full reimbursement if you request a reimbursement within 24 hrs of the issue of the ticket.

Take advantage of the simpler way to track your transactions.

If you want to edit the flight plan, click on "Change flights". Mark the flight you want to edit, then choose your preferred flight plan and click "Next". It is also possible to find the flight according to tariffs and flight plans. The available timetables are displayed and you can choose your new one. To the right of the page you will see new reservation information that consists of charges payable.

Differences in prices and fines apply to the terms and condition of each subclass pass. In the last page you can select and fill in the desired method of financing.

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