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The prices of international flight segments vary in the different markets. At Airtreks, we have built a global network of hundreds of suppliers around the world. The Round the World travel planning tool to create your own flight around the world! Round-the-world flights are conducted by airline alliances, of which there are three main subjects.

Planning a round

Circling the planets and stops where you want is the ultimative journey - ideal for travelers who want to see everything or are just undecided. However, posting a round-the-world trip (RTW) can be a complicated one. The most economic way to travel around the world is to buy an RTW flight using an Airline Alliance.

In theory, any route is possible, but to know how the RTW reservation system works will make your trip less expensive. The Star Alliance, for example, a alliance of 27 carriers flying to 1,185 destinations in 185 different states, is offering an RTW pass with a total of 15 stations. You have to go in a general sense (east or westward - no backtracking); you have to take off and land in the same land; and you have to reserve all your flights before your flight, although you can modify them later (which can cause additional costs).

What it would take you to fly around the world on a week-end if you had flown non-stop. Most RTW passes, however, have a 10-day pass period - still a breathtaking wham. RTW passes are valid for a period of one year. If so, you' ll probably find that you are at the "wrong" moment in some areas - although this may bring unforeseen advantages (e.g. Zambia means luxuriant scenery and lower fares in the rainy season).

Tickets are priced according to the overall distances or the number of visiting states. Keep in mind that you don't have to go between every point: in Australia you can arrive in Perth, go overseas and leave Cairns. Usually, if the problem is your money, you might be spending more of your money in less costly states.

Speak to an executive before you book: you may have an Itinerary in mind, but an seasoned RTW accountant will know which routes work best and which ones are least expensive - a few optimizations could mean big economies. Flexibility: postponing the date of your flights by a few extra day can help you make better financial choices; flights during the weekend are usually less expensive, as are flights on Christmas Day.

Remember to take your own trips: it may be less expensive to take your own flights when you buy your own return tickets. Beware: If you don't make one of your flights (e.g., if you choose to go from Bangkok to Singapore instead of flying it), your carrier will probably void all following flights.

How to plant a round the world trip" was written in collaboration with Lonely Planet.

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