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Y-Air Co., Ltd. Nagoya Airfield and Toyoyama, Nishikasugai District, Aichi, Japan[1] and its principal Nagoya Airfield Hub. Previously, J-Air was headquartered in ?mura, Nagasaki Prefecture[2] Its activities encompass regular flights to 17 Japan based cities under Japan Airlines numbers.

It has a total of 28 Bombardier CRJ-200 and Embraer 170s. Journalists and TV stations in Japan have told J-Air that they are gradually moving out of Nagoya Airport, with many departing in October 2010 and all departing in spring 2011. The J-Air Bombardier CRJ-200 in the new paint job "Tsurumaru".

Airplanes used by J-Air are (in order of alphabet): Commons Wikimedia has created J-Air related news items.

The Etihad buys interest in India's Jet Airways under protest

On Wednesday, after month-long complicated negotiation, Abu Dhabi's Etihad Airways closed a long-awaited transaction to acquire a 24% interest in Jet Airways, India's biggest public company, mostly held by Naresh Goyal, one of India's wealthiest passengers. At the same time, the Indian Department of Aviation adopted a new bi-lateral agreement - generally regarded as compensation for Abu Dhabi's Jet project - which will quadruple capacities between the two states.

Golf Airlines is to invest a further 220 million dollars and pay 70 million dollars to buy the multiple award-winning Jet's slot at Heathrow Airport promised in February and 150 million dollars for a controlling interest in its FFP. It is the first such transaction by a US based company since India liberalised the regulations last September, allowing US based companies to sell up to 49% of their shares to their US based companies.

However, the political shift came after much advocacy from India's besieged airlines whose companies suffered from rising cost and fares. Irrespective of the fact that Vijay Mallya, who first spoke about the concept of letting overseas investments in air travel in order to save his debt-laden Kingfisher KGFHY +0% Airlines, could not close a contract with Etihadand, he has not yet found a mate.

First and foremost, the firm will make an offering to sell equity, which will lower Goyal's interest to 75%, in line with a regulator's requirements for a minimal interest in publicly traded corporations. Eitihad's share purchase will further diminish Goyal's share, although he will maintain 51% control and a nonexecutive chair post.

Etihad, which is expanding in India, offers an opportunity to fill the Emirates divide. This latter has a much larger proportion of transport from India with 185 daily departures to 10 towns in India compared to 59 departures from Etihad to 9 locations. Whilst both Jet and Etihad promote the win-win aspect of the agreement, other airlines and airports have complained that these advantages arise at their expense.

It is anticipated that the airline will take away shares from other airlines such as Spice Jet, held by billion-dollar news anchor Kalanithi Maran, and IndiGo, which has earned a record for timeliness and is held by wealthy Liszt Rahul Bhatia. Moreover, airlines such as GMR (owned by G.M. Rao, a billionaire) are concerned that their ambition to develop India's Delhi airport (in the case of GMR) into hub regions will be fulfilled as the Combinator will transport passenger traffic via Abu Dhabi.

Jet, as stated in a corporate declaration, claims that there will be no decline in air travel at India's highways. Aeronautics professionals have challenged the need to combine a bi-lateral agreement with an airline invest in a privately held airline. "Allowing such an enormous increase in capacities indicates a fraudulent scale to the deal," said Jitender Bhargava, former flight manager of the state-owned airline Air India.

The leading manager of the airlines, who did not want to be singled out, added: "It is not only Goyal who is sold out, it is also India's sell-out. "A lot of activity over the sky in India is to be expected in the next few weeks, especially with the forthcoming flight plan of passenger tyoon Tony Fernandes. Malaysia Low Budgets Champion AirAsia received permission this past Monday from the Foreign Investment Promotion Board of India for his India based JV with Tata Group and Telestra Tradeplace, a company held by Arun Bhatia, whose sons are sons of Lakshmi Mittal, a magnate in India who owns a business in the Mittal area.

Asia India is looking for an air carrier licence and is expected to have submitted its businessplan this weeks. Whilst Goyal's net wealth has increased, it has not been enough to re-establish its billiard state.

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