How much would a Jet Cost

What would a jet cost?

A new private jet comes at a very different price. Operating costs are the key, not the purchase price. What does it cost to buy a Honda HondaJet? "It's not much more than a premium ticket at full price, but a small fraction of what it would cost to fly on a chartered private jet," he said. What's the price of kerosene?

What is the amount of kerosene the Jumbo-Jet burns?

What kind of propellant does a Boeing 747-400 jet use? How much propellant does a jet use between London and New York? A Boeing 747 consumes about 10 to 11 tons of petrol per minute on the cruising trip. Corresponds to about 1 gal (about 4 liters) of gasoline per second.

Up to 238,604 l can be stored. Boeing 747-400 jet aircraft travelling from London to New York consume around 70,000 kg of petrol. Nozzle propellant has an approximately specified weight of 0.85, equivalent to 82,353 l. So the cost of the petrol (based on 1 liter for 31 pence) needed to travel from London to New York is about £18,500 (?23,600).

Propellant costs for a 450 passenger jet would be around 41 (?52) per passenger. What's the price of kerosene?

What does a privately owned airplane cost? Price of rich folk toy

Not only do the wealthy and celebrity buy personal jetliners, they also modify them every few years. Makes you wonder how much a personal jet costs. You ever wonder how much a personal jet costs? Following these VIPs and reaching humans on Instagram (or these children on Snapchat), we often see them driving around in their personal planes.

Makes you think about how much real cash is going to be spend on the purchase (and maintenance) of these costly "toys". What does it cost to buy a personal aircraft? Naturally these are only the cost of the purchase. In order to service the jet, you can save $1.6 million a year in floating charges and approximately $880,000 a year in fix charges.

An all new Bombardier Challenger 605 will cost approximately $27 million, with anticipated annually incremental cost of approximately $1.5 million and overhead cost of approximately $725,000. The Embraer Phenom 300 will cost less than USD 9 million for a "budget" options, while used model will cost about USD 7 million. Annually recurring fees are approximately $800,000 in incremental fees and $343,000 in incremental fees.

More of a classicist, you'll find lightweight aircraft over three years old (such as a Learjet or a smaller Cessna) for less than $1 million. It turns out you don't necessarily have to buy the whole airplane. They can have half possession of a personal jet. Sometimes shareholding is the more convenient choice, because you don't demand the use of the jet too often, or the entire possession of a jet is too expensive.

Existing Jet Aviation Jet reservation systems include Executive AirShare, NetJets and Flexjet. Consider it a Carsharing facility, except for super-rich individuals who want to own their own jet. A 1/16 portion of Embraer Phenom 300 via Executive AirShare, for example, is US$624,500. That would be useful if you were flying more than 50 hrs a year, but not so much for short-haul trips.

What does it cost to hire a jet? Hire of personal jet planes can be done through an on-demand charters or through a jet pass program where hourly rates are calculated. Jet tickets such as Delta Privat Jets are priced from $100,000. So you' gonna fly privately?

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